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I'm making a PLN intro video for the elementary teachers in my district. My focus is on what they are, and how they can really help them in their day-to-day job. I want to focus it towards the average classroom teacher; the one who is perhaps a little hesitant trying new things, is flustered when things don't work quite right, and the one who already has too much going on at work and at home, with little time or energy to explore too many new things.

What is the one best specific resource you would recommend to them? Perhaps a specific blog (to go beyond the one I do for them), a specific Ning, or maybe a tool like Delicious? I really want it to be something that's going to hook them in, let them see the value in it, and make them really want to explore more, and add more tools to their own PLN.


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Hi Ann,

My favorite is by far Angela Maiers's blog (which I already have in my Google Reader). She is a passionate educator and focuses mainly on literacy and the use of technology in the classroom. She has mini lessons videos, writes so briefly and yet in such an inspiring manner, she has links to so many websites or resources in general that it saves you loads of time!
Thanks Cristina! Off to take a look at it.
Ok, thanks. I`ll take a look.

I just finished training a large group of Admins (4 Cohorts) on PLNs, how they relate to what they do and how to leverage them. You need to explain the concepts, some of the technology behind them (build context) and then give them the "A-ha" moment. I would also introduce them to an aggregator and show them how to add feeds (starting with only a few) so that the information comes to them in a relevant way.

I know my response is somewhat vague, but I received some great feedback on the workshop. Let me know if the above makes sense and perhaps I can share some more if you have any specific questions.

The big thing is to make it relevant. The participants in my workshop actually walked out with a personalized product specific to their area of interest that they could start to use immediately.

Thank you! Relevant is the bottom line for PLNs and classroom teachers, IMO. It has to be a tool/resource that they'll want to use, and will be of true and immediate value to them. Without that it just becomes one more thing to do, or one thing that could be done, but is pushed aside due to lack of time. I've already started the introduction process through the video I created/shared last week. Now I will be preparing smaller presentations for them (shared via my blog) on individual tools, with very specific suggestions for getting started.

I definitely agree with you about RSS, but I think I need to build up to that, building the context for why they want it. I think that to introduce RSS with blogs/resources might be overload for one presentation. If they can get hooked on a few blogs/resources w/feeds, then a week or so later, I'll introduce how to pull the info. to them through the feed, rather than go searching for it.

I'm curious what brought about the "A-ha" moment when you presented to administrators. What tools/resources do they immediately see the value/use in? What ones did they think were over the top?



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