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We are starting a whole school project. I am looking to have a space where teachers involved in the project can discuss ideas, share resources and collaborate using a user-friendly interface. I am thinking a wiki along the lines of wikispaces or pbworks. If anyone has any comments or suggestions they could offer I would be most welcome.


Many thanks...


Chris Roche

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My last professional development collaboration was begun on a Google doc and shifted to a wikispace. All things considered, I think some sort of combination is the best solution. Wikispaces are awesome platforms but Google docs allow for a more powerful constructive creation. Like so many alternatives, you can have the best of both worlds. Google Docs embed nicely in wikispaces.
Thank you Alan, I like the idea of embedding google docs in Wikispaces. However, I am also looking at setting up a Ning as the project we are working on is going to grow and will have numerous levels/ areas... Any suggestions?
I might recommend I have had the occasional problem with it but it has many features I like better than Ning.


Edmodo may serve your purpose.  If all goes well the teachers will see the benefits of using this tool in their classroom. Like Alan I think Google docs with its new Discussion addition could also be a plus for you. 




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