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...on board developing a Wikipedia article on #edchat - I feel a little confused about the at least (?) two sessions that are held, when and where weekly topics are decided upon, etc. - so, yes, I am looking forward to your input as to what belongs into a brief & informative #edchat Wikipedia article:

Suggested article structure: Idea - Origin - Topics - Sessions - How to participate

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There is one at 1 EST and one at 7 EST - that's 18:00 and 1:00 German time, Tuesday/Wednesday...
The structure is well done! I've no further ideas for this.

What's about the content. Does the founders have the time to write or adapt the wiki-article according to facts about the "origin" chapter?
There is an Edchat explanation on the Main Page of this site (left side). We have also added a viewing Port on the site so that anyone can log on to the site and view #Edchat. It is a view only site. A Twitter account is necessary for participation.
Kirsten Winkler, author of the best #edchat article I could find ( says she'd be happy to help!-) Maybe she'll even join us here...
Great idea, writing a Wikipedia article about Edchat :). Below are some ideas from my post plus some new ones. I also liked the story Thomas presented on the #140conf

The idea is to connect educators from around the globe in one discussion on Twitter. This is done by marking the related tweets using the #edchat hashtag.

#Edchat was founded by Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, and ShellTerrell. They linked it to the already existing #TeacherTuesday which is a weekly event similar to the #FollowFriday but taking place every Tuesday. Teachers recommend other teachers to follow. The #Edchat added the interactive component to it, enabling the already existing network of educators on Twitter to talk to each other in one connected coversation.

The topics teachers want to discuss are preselected by the Edchat founders who receive them from educators via email, Twitter and the EduPLN on Ning. Each Monday educators can vote on the selected topics on a short list using the TwtPoll service. The two topics which get the most votes are then discussed on Tuesday.
I would add that it is an important source for building one's own PLN. It helps to identify people who have astute comments to make and who add to the deepening of the conversation. It creates conversation between a wide variety of people: teachers in public, independent, and parochial schools, administrators, professors, etc. The breadth of the backgrounds is part of what is really interesting about the conversation.

Also, I would have something about the role of the "moderators," founders, in keeping the conversation on track through gentle reminders of the topic of the day and restating the guiding question. It doesn't become a free-for-all.

You work fast! Thank you for heading up this amazing project idea you had! I think will definitely be beneficial to educators new to #edchat! If you need me to add this information, please let me know.

Please feel free to add from this article

Also, is there a way you can embed the video on the wiki page?

Here is information regarding the 140 conference panel we attended that Parentella sponsored for edchat coordinators, Tom Whitby, Steve Anderson, and me.

Here's the panel discussion video

We became a trending topic with guest author Alfie Kohn, here's more information!
Great idea about starting a wikipedia entry. It would be great to include some ways that #edchat has extended into other collaborative opportunities via this Ning, the #140 conference, etc.
Steven, that's a good idea - would you be so kind and write a short paragraph about this?
Here's a first draft - please add your suggestions & improvements:

The idea of the #edchat movement is to connect educators from around the globe on Twitter in order to debate and evaluate solutions to various problems. This is done by marking tweets using the #edchat hashtag.

Every Tuesday English-speaking educators from all over the world participate in online discussions that take the form of a fast-paced chat room on Twitter. These chats occur twice during the day, once in the afternoon at 1PM NYT/EST, and once in the evening at 7PM NYT/EST. #edchat Topics can be suggested to any of the movement's three founders Tom Whitby [Footnote: Twitter link], Steven Anderson [Footnote: Twitter link], and Shelly Terrell [Footnote: Twitter link].[Footnote: Topics may also be proposed on The Educator's PLN Ning: [add link].] On Mondays they create a tweetpoll [add URL that links to current vote, should be a permanent URL that doesn't need updating] of 5 topics to choose from. One at a time, the two topics which get the most votes are then discussed in the two Tuesday sessions.

In Tuesday's discussions people pose questions, respond to each other and retweet statements, questions or ideas that they like. With hundreds of educators joining in, it is less a strictly structured discussion than a way of connecting educators in their reflection of current educational issues. In order to better follow the conversations, many people use 3rd party Twitter apps that can create a search column for the hashtag.
Sounds really good. I've no further additions to it.
I would add that Steven does a summary of each week's #edchat on his blog: Blogging About the Web 2.0 Classroom (link is to all posts tagged 'edchat').

A permanent link for the weekly poll will be next to impossible due to the structure of TwtPoll. However, the Educator's PLN #edchat group is a good place to link to.

Here is a list of Diigo links tagged 'edchat':

Some of the 3rd part Twitter apps people use:

I would add, too, that the discussion moves at lighting speed due to the number of participants and the 140 character limit. It can sometimes be overwhelming to keep up, but the hour is over very quickly and often the discussion goes over an hour.

Hope that helps!



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