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I ask you, "What would you do if YOU, your kids, friends, neighbours, colleagues could reinvent school?" You say....

It's takes a community to raise a school. I want to ensure that the entire community feels welcome and able to participate in the Reinventing School Challenge.

While students and educators are most likely to be attracted to the challenge, teams can participate from many other organisations or groups from all over the world.

"Reinventing school is a vital idea; traditional schools cannot offer the diversity, challenges and experiences our children will need to thrive in their future; the future of education will require all of us to use our experiences, our knowledge and our skills to ensure that our children are capable of creating a successful tomorrow!" Richard Gerver – Educationalist, speaker, author, and media commentator. @RichardGerver

  • What are you thoughts on opening up schools to become community hubs accessible 24/7?
  • And how about inviting parents and local business people to co-teach both in the classroom and out in the community?
  • What do you think? I'd really appreciate hearing your ideas on how I might encourage more participation in the challenge?

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