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Great points here by @web20classroom:

Major points:
-Our admin team should be focused on student learning, not whether or not tech is in use. Focus on 21st century skills and tools will flow
-Admin need to keep their eye on the ball- what students are doing with technology, not what teachers are doing. Main questions should be: How is student using tech to create? to collaborate? to publish?
-More questions Admin of our school should focus on: How is the student engaging the tool? How is the student engaging their peers? How is the student engaging their teacher? How is the student engaging the local and global community?

So, let's get things rolling- what other practices should our administrators use to measure effective use of technology and, maybe more importantly, to measure 21st century skills?

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Great discussion topic. Admin play such a vital role in ensuring 21st century learning but it begins with 21st century leadership. Admin needs to inspect what they expected. But, they need to be models in chief--they need to lead the way. Every admin meeting, cabinet meeting, plc, or the like needs to have a 21st century learning focus--training opp for staff and admin to close their knowledge gap between knowing and doing. They need to model the use of these skills by integrating key tools to deliver the mission and vision and core values of the school with such tools as twitter, ning, etc. They also need to walk the halls-conducting walk throughs identifying key technology standards implemented per classroom. the ISTE NETS standards need to be an ongoing, integrated conversation about what its working, what he gaps are, and what solutions need to be adopted. Here is a great site of a free data tool to help monitor teach implement of 2st century learning skills:
Excellent thoughts, Don. Looks like you and I get to tell the admin of our new school how to measure tech effectiveness. :)

I like the idea of "models in chief". I wonder if this could be taken to the next level- requiring administrators to teach half a semester every 5 years or so? Speaking personally, every year I'm out of the classroom it's harder and harder for me to reconnect with everyday issues that teachers face. Reminding ourselves about what it takes to actually implement with students the skills and tools we're pushing can't be a bad thing.



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