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I'd like to delve into the interviewing process with this question. I'd love to get a template or set of questions/actions that we could take to insure that we hire the right people to work in this school. To that end....

Imagine you are interviewing prospective teachers for our school:

What skills do they need to have?
In an interview, how could they SHOW us that they have mastered these skills?
What questions should we ask?

Please let me know some answers to these questions. They'll go a long way towards helping us get the right people into this school!

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Teachers today need to be ready and willing to adapt as the class' needs and learning styles dictates.

No ruts allowed!

When have you ever had to change a lesson on the spur of the moment? Why? How did you adapt and how did you feel about it in reflexion?
I think a fair question would be "What is your definition of Web 2.0? or What Web 2.0 tools have you used?" They should be prepared to show examples online. A 21st century educator should have some sort of online site or portfolio to show work they have created. You could even be as bold as having a computer already hooked up to a projector so that the site they show can be viewed by the group. Lots of good questions can come from that presentation as well.
I think that's a great idea- having a computer and projector set up to allow them to show off their digital footprint. And you're right- a lot of great discussion could come from this.

Along similar lines, what if prior to the interview we handed them a laptop and asked them to create and publish something that tells us something unique about themselves or their teaching methods/style? Then start off the interview with them showing what tool they chose to create/publish and explain the choices they made.

That might be a little stressful, but if we're interviewing the right people, they should be able to come up with something quick like that...right?
Absolutely! I think that's a great idea! You could tell a lot about the person you are interviewing by assigning that task. I mean even something as simple as a Wordle would be a great example as long as the follow up questions you posted were answered appropriately. I would also add a question along the lines of "How could the tool you chose be used in the classroom?.....or Describe a lesson where this tool is used in the classroom."

Whatever the applicant comes up with, in the period of time they have to create it, will also show their comfort and skill set with 21st century tools.
I know of school districts doing exactly what you mentioned Steve. They had a two part interview process and the second leg of it was a 10-15 minute lesson.
I would want to take this further by having them not only demonstrate their knowledge of the tools but to convince me they know how to begin using one or more of them to improve student learning. I always bring my interview questions back to how will you improve learning in your classroom. Doesn't matter to me if you are using sophisticated technology or slate and chalk.
Ask teachers to examine a unit plan for the grade/subject area they might teach. Then, ask them to share examples of how they can integrate technology, particularly Web 2.0, into the lessons, as both teaching tools and student learning tools. Additionally, ask what paper/pencil tasks the student learning tools would take the place of. It's not enough for potential teachers to know how to use the tools for their own personal purposes, they must know how to use them within the curriculum framework.
I work in the K12 domain but also teach an evening class to pre-service students attending our local private college. As the final for my students I place them in a scenario that has them applying for a position in a new school being developed based on 21st century skills. Here is a link to my class scenario that contains several interview questions that were compiled by response of my PLN friends on Twitter and Plurk.
21st century learning goes far beyond just using Web 2.0 tools, but is so much about thinking through and solving problems on your own and creatively. More often then not that thought process should involve technology on some level. That being said here are a few questions that I thought of.

How have you grown in your use of technology integration in your classroom over the past 2 years?(assuming they are not new teachers.)

What are you doing to teach students now that you did not do 2 years ago? (assuming they are not new teachers.)
Please demonstrate a lesson involving technology integration that you are most proud of.

What emerging technology excites you personally? Why?
What emerging technology most excites you when you think about using it with students? Why? How would you use it?

How are you going to keep track of student's 21st century growth over the year?

How do you keep connected to new emerging ideas in educational technology?
How are you going to give back to the educational technology community?
Before I asked about skills, I'd want to know the answer to a more practical question, namely what they think about the purpose of education and how what they teach meets that purpose. Everyone in the school needs to have an eye on the prize. (And @RussGoerend will tell you I don't think an education has much to do with getting a job or finding a career.)

I usually try to get this in an interview by asking the question directly and cross -referencing the answer with a what I hear in a discussion about the books a candidate reads, but l'd extend that to the sorts of conversations a candidate has in social media.

It's a philosophical question; but I side with G. K. Chesterton in believing that philosophy is the most practical and important thing about a person:

We think that for a landlady considering a lodger, it is important to know his income, but still more important to know his philosophy. We think that for a general about to fight an
enemy, it is important to know the enemy's numbers, but still more
important to know the enemy's philosophy. We think the question is not
whether the theory of the cosmos affects matters, but whether in the
long run, anything else affects them. (Heretics)
Wow, some really thought provoking questions! I would love to sit in an interview and have the opportunity to talk about teaching with technology, instead of being the one to ask, "Will I have access to technology?"!!

I think some additional questions that are important to ask are about how the teacher fosters collaboration and community in their classroom.
I think that the skills they need to have are the following:
1. risktaking
2. collaboration
3. Thinks outside the box
4. effective communicator
5. understands the 21st century learning skills and the relevance tostudent learning
6. knowledge of what a 21st century leader and educator looks

Interview processes to show these skills

Have candidates present a project they recently completed for colleagues or students which exhibits a collaborative effort, shows adeptness with 21st century learning tools

Have candidates create a presentation on how to effectively close achievement gap with a targeted subgroup and which 21st century learning tool(s) they would use to engage learners.

Just my thoughts. I hope this contributes to the discussion.



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