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As a teacher in a school district that is trying to implement differentiated instruction in all classrooms, I find information like very helpful in understanding how the classroom works in that kind of environment.  Are there other "tip sheets" like this available?  Thanks!

And I forgot about this 

Implementing DI in Your School (pdf) (presentation)'OrganizationPage'&OrganizationID='14708' or go to and scroll down to Staff Resources on the bottom left, click on Differentiated Instruction

Thanks for the help!

I differeniate with a mixture of Blooms and Webb's depth of knowledge.

My MUST (I can statement) is a lower level knowledge/skill based on the standard.

My SHOULD is the benchmark with the depth of complexity the standard asks for..

My COULD is a Blooms/Webb level higher.

This is a cheat sheet I use to help me plan.  The level of Blooms I use will decide how my assessment will be different for each group as well.

I used to differentiate in England based on the level before and next level...but I noticed that the students seems to benefit from a deeper look at some of the benchmarks I teach. 

Thanks. I love your I Can statements too.


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