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With any discussion about change, there are always barriers and road blocks that become the focus our our attention. Here is the sandbox for posting what roadblocks you see in place that prevent any change from happening to our education system. 




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 A major road block that I see is no collaboration. One being not having enough time another one is some do not like to collaborate. Collaboration is a must in order for all teachers to be on the same page about the students.


A barrier that I see is when we teach to the high end students and the low end students and forget about the major chunk of students who are in the middle. We don’t want to hurt feelings about putting students in lower end levels…but if that is where they are at then that is where they should be. We need to meet the education needs of all students.

The road block is trying to reinvent the wheel when we simply need to repair a few spokes. Jack Palance told Billy Crystal it's all about  "one thing" , Henry David Thoreau told us to "keep our accounts on a thumbnail" . Change has to happen one step at a time, one student at a time.  While I love the ideology and excitement of revolution, experience has taught me that patient reflection has served my classroom much more favorably.



I like Maria's quotes so I'm keeping pace!


"Show me the Money!!"  Jerry Maguire


With change always comes the inevitable what's it going to cost, and with todays economy who is willing to make the changes needed.  Sure there is a lot of things that can be done to improve without spending but we miss them because we concentrate on the BIG change rather than the small.

The economy is what will force the change!
Becoming overwhelmed with the little voice in the big ocean. How can a little voice make a big enough wave to make a change?
Well said.  I think Mike's and Leslie's comments touch on two major areas... it seems people are pretty helpless to make a change unless they work themselves into an adequately large position of influence in the education world. Frankly, that's a pretty lofty goal for anybody.....

Change for the educational world?  Not happening anytime soon.  

Change for our school?  Could happen IF 1) everyone agrees we need change    2) all are open to change     3) willingness to concede certain expectations    4) no "told ya so" attitude since everything will be trial and error   5)  realistic expectations (there are more but that is best I could do for now)



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