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Happy New Year! I thought it might be helpful for our group members to share book titles and resources they use to enhance their co-teaching.

I will start us off with a few of my favorites:

An oldie but goodie is "Working Together: The Art of Consulting and Communicating" by Anita DeBoer. Lots of great ideas for how to collaborate with resistant teachers! Available from Sopris Learning.

I also like Wendy Murawski's "Collaborative Teaching in Secondary Schools." She uses a marriage as a metaphor for co-teaching. Available from Corwin Press.

My new book on co-teaching is out this week! "Co-Teaching that Works" has chapters on how to co-teach with different specialty areas (ELL, SLP, SPED, etc.) as well as instructional activities that work well in co-taught rooms. It is available from Jossey-Bass at:

What are your favorite resources?

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