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The desire to focus #edchat on several voted on topics a week makes me think about the value of Twitter as a platform for focused conversation, even with the hashtag. It seems to me as if anybody could use this hashtag at any point. I'm not even talking about spammer. But, for example, if I have an intriguing education question I might want the people at #edchat to respond. Now that I understand the goals of #edchat I wouldn't do this, but if I hadn't understood the goals I might have posted my comment with this hashtag.

I particularly like the use of nings for focused conversation. If you like what I have to say you can respond to it, otherwise you don't have to. But, within this larger network, there is a place for me to post my own topic.

Does this make any sense?

Andrew Pass

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Indeed it does make sense to me, especially since I'm new at this Twitter and social networking thing (in the realm of education, that is) and I'd been using #edchat in some of my tweets because I noticed other teachers doing it. I figured it was a general tag used by educators because the topics seemed somewhat general. Now I know better thanks to your post. lol

Actually, I started to slowly realize it today when I followed a tweet link to the Edchat homepage. The whole "edchat" thing is daunting, although I found a nice help site that is dense with information. I bookmarked it for when I had a bit more time on my hands.

I don't think educators who have been doing this for some time now realize how difficult it is for us newcomers to figure it all out. It's only been a week since I found this whole new learning community online and while I'm beautifully overwhelmed by the possibilities it has to offer in my own course of development as a teacher, I'm thoroughly stymied as to where it is I can feel comfortable enough to "jump in" to a conversation.

Everyone seems to have their tight little communities and it can be quite daunting for someone who's just walking in the door and doesn't even know anyone on a first-name basis.

I have no doubt I'll figure it all out, just as everyone else has who first walked in, and I'll find my own comfortable niche. Thank you for helping me in my own navigation of this part of the e-niverse.

Welcome aboard the eUniverse. I've been dabbling in it for several years and have found that most educators who participate are very friendly and very helpful towards both newcomers and veterans alike. I look forward to chatting with you more.

Andy, thank you very much. Oh, people have been very friendly and helpful, indeed. I'm just unsure where to jump in because everywhere I go, there seems to already be conversations that are half-over or they're making so many references to other bloggers that it sounds like I'm listening to a foreign language. lol

No worries. I'm positive I'll break that code if I stick with it long enough (kind of like what happens when I watch those Spanish mini-dramas whilst grading papers... ;o)

Thanks again!
What might be helpful to you is the list of Education hashtags that I have put together and am constantly updating:
Some Educational Hashtags

This will help you find the appropriate hashtag for the comments or questions that you have.

Hope this is helpful.
The greatest challenge is that there are so many hashtags, how do you know which one to use at any given time?
Oh, this is GREAT!! Thanks so much, Jerry!
Hey Jerry, do you know of any hashtag list with descriptions of what the tags are for? For instance, I see Edchat on there but I would've just assumed, as I did before, that it's chat around general ed topics.

This is a great list, though, really. I just don't want to make the same mistake as I did with Edchat.
I'm still trying to figure out how #edchat works. Is there a time limit to participate? I couldn't get to it this morning, by the time I got home from class this evening it appears to be over??
#Edchat happens twice on Tuesdays - Noon EST and 7pm EST. That's when it's live. It runs about an hour, maybe a bit over. You can always read the summary here.



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