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In the Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum, one of the prescribed learning outcomes is to develop an understanding of how technology affects individuals and schools.  I was wondering if anyone has come across any good technology activities that could support this learning outcome?

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When I taught 4th grade I introduced technology with the definition. My first goal is to help the students understand that technology isn't neccesarily computers and cell phones. Then we talked about technological advances in the tools used by the Native Americans in our state.

I'd love to hear how your work in this goes; I am a second grade teacher and continue to develop my use of tech in the classroom. I am particularly interested in this strand you bring up of the effect on individuals and schools. I think it is widely overlooked and tends to be assumed that tech is having positive effects for the most part.

One idea that comes to mind is to have students fill out a survey/Google Form after a technology activity. My students have done well to fill these out and they've even helped me make them. You could then develop a database to observe trends as a class. Friends and families could fill out the form. If you develop one I'd love to see and we could contribute data from our school too.

You could also have one student per tech. activity be the observer and write, draw, act-out what they see. This might also be useful to have students act as detectives finding out what they observe in the world when and where people are using technology.

I think it can also be important to show how pencils and paper are technologies. What would school be like without them? What would learning be like without them?


email me at if you want.
Thanks John for your reply! I like your idea of having students be detectives of technology. I think that would be very powerful, especially if they were to act out what they see. Good idea!

I was thinking that after that activity, students could view some YouTube videos about how certain things are made. I am working on developing some lessons.

For example, you could watch a video on how pencils are made. As the video is being played, you could point out all the technology being used. When the students are comfortable with this activity, students could work in pairs to explore how other things are made: ie: soap, crayons, paper, etc. Students could write down all the technology they see and then web their ideas using Freemind, Mind Map, etc. As an extension, students could then compare how pencils were made in the past and report out on that.

Those are just some ideas that I have floating around in my mind. I'll let you know how it goes!

Yes, I'd love to hear about the project.

Y'know this reminds me of a TED Talk I saw recently. The speaker mentioned that in this age no one knows how to make anything... and by that he means, everyone is so specialized, that everyone knows how to make a part of something, but not an entire piece. In fact, this is based on a book called "I, Pencil" which talks about mass production - how no one knows how to make a pencil! (I have not read it)

So to get deep on this for a moment... this is similar to the "hive" mentality of things like Wikipedia where no one knows one thing really well, just a bunch of pieces. Here, self expression can be devalued while the work of the whole group gets more 'hits'.

Interesting stuff. Wonder how deep second graders will go :-) They tend to get pretty deep in the simplicity of their observations and responses!




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