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This is my first time on Educators PLN so if anyone has information or helpful tips on how to get this started, that would be great! I hope to be posting more often. Stay tuned! 

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Great resource for any teachers PLN! 

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Classroom Contract

A classroom contract is a great way to build a strong classroom community!

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Following Your Mother's Advice - BE NICE

Following Your Mother's Advice - BE NICE


 The Leadership Principles of Being N. I. I. I. C. E.


     There is much talk among school leaders today about preparing our students to be 21st century learners.  If that is so, then we should also prepare our school administrators to be 21st century school leaders.  As a result of my prior…


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Mobile Device Use

I use my phone to receive emails that I subscribe to which I learn from on a daily basis.  Some of these include:  Teach Preschool, TeachersPayTeachers, ASCD SmartBrief, ReadWorks, and my Twitter account is also linked to my email for updates.  These include resources and information I can use in the classroom.   

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Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Tools

The synchronous tool I choose to set up was Skype.  I used Skype for the very first time today.  I actually communicated with my Grandmother who lives in Frederick, Maryland.  I was amazed at how easy utilizing Skype was.  Now I am very excited about using Skype for personal and professional means!!  My Skype name is lorienwatson5. The asynchronous tool I set up today was voicethread.  I researched this tool, and found it to be very useful for the classroom.  I commented on a segment about…


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Mobile Devices in the classroom

The possibilities are endless for using your personal mobile device in the classroom.  With iphones and iPads, you can post any comments or pictures/videos to any site at any time.  Students, particularly older ones who have their own mobile devices, could use them to complete many of the tasks involved in global collaboration projects, which would greatly help out in the area of limited access to technology. 

Some of my personal favorite uses of mobile devices in the classroom are…


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This week I have been experimenting with Edmodo and Skype.  I love the idea of being able to visually connect with anyone, anywhere using Skype.  Although I have never used it in my classroom at school, I did use it with my students at church to connect with some missionaries in South America we had been collecting money for.  The kids absolutely loved being able to actually see where the missionaries lived and how different it was from our home. 

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Edmodo and Skyp



In Edmodo, I have set up an account for all of my students.  We are going to create our profile pages next week and try it out synchronously in our small Guided groups next week.  I am participating in a webinar on how to more effectively use it on Tuesday, so I hope to be able to better navigate the site after that and set up small projects and assignments we can use to practice appropriate online behavior.  I plan to post activities that will involve asynchronous…


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Challenge 4 & 5

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Challenge 4 & Bonus

The Educator's PLN can be used as asynchronous communication by using a blog but can also be used as synchronous communication by talking to members online.


I added a calendar to notify me of important dates in Google Docs.

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Ten Activities for Establishing Classroom Rules

I really enjoyed reading this article and learning about fun activities you can do with your students to establish classroom rules and norms. Going over rules in a classroom can often be mundane and uninteresting to students, especially since rules are something that students have been constantly reminded of since they day they first entered…


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Synchronous and Asynchronous Tools

Today I set-up my synchoronous and asynchronous tools.  I am using my UNA school email as my asynchronous tool and skype as my synchronous tool.  You can email me at and my skype account is gwilson7107.  I'm very familiar with the email but the skype tool is very new to me.  It is going to take some time to get to used to it.  Working from home, I'm limited by my HughesNet internet in what I can do with regard to video but I will try to make the best of…


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Challenge 5

I work at a school that houses the severely disabled students for the entire county.  We talk to our regular education students to prepare them for what they may see or hear.  The younger special needs classes are in the same building we are in so we share the hall, go to lunch together, and attend Music, Art, and the Library together.

I have found an eBook that can be read on a Kindle, Nook, I pad,  or any other e reader device.  The name of the book is "Cougar Cub Tales:  I'm Just…


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Communicate with new tools

I chose to use Skype and Voicethread as my two tools for this challenge (and believe me it was a challenge). Not having experience with these technologies made me somewhat nervous but I found they were easy to set up and use.  With Skype, I can access it through my facebook account.  I have had some of my relatives who live out of state wanting me to get a skype account for many years new, so a new way to connect with them is going to be fun!  Here are the links so you can check them out for…


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Go Mobile!

Okay, we love our smartphones and almost everyone of my students have one.  So, how could I utilize the use of a smartphone in my classroom?  Poll Everywhere would be a great tool to use.  A teacher can quiz up to 40 students for free.  Students register their phone numbers with the teacher and the teacher can track responses for quizes or reviews.  Unlike, clickers and other polling devices, this is easily accessed by students and I can monitor their responses just as easily.  You can…


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Are you that teacher? Teach through learnership

Today I had an interesting conversation with a colleague that led to a statement:  I'm the teacher and I am in control.

Really?  Are you totally in control?

300 What about the kid(s) who do not turn in homework and frustrate you to no end?  What about the all of the…


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Answers to 4 Questions Asked at the Start of Class

I really enjoyed reading this article. These are questions we will hear frequently as teachers, and it is important for us to both anticipate this questions and provide our students with answers that will support and encourage them to succeed in the classroom.

It's important to have…


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Follow Me on My PLN Journey

One of the main points we are learning about in EDCI397 is using and maintaining a personal learning network. We are encouraged to use various social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube while also searching for educational blogs on Wordpress and such. The idea is to connect with as many educational professionals as we can and thus expand our knowledge of the field using the different advances in technology, all while keeping in mind the different themes we are studying in…


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