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Cultural Projects

Cultural Projects

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End of Year

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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SSummer Revision


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Teach Your Monster to Read

Yesterday, I bumped into one of the most enjoyable sites on reading. It is called "Teach Your Monster to Read" it is a great site for the teachers as well as for the parents. With the help of "monsters" (these are the most enjoyable figures for the YLs, VYLs.) the kids can learn how to read in an enjoyable way. Also, this site was evaluated as beneficial by Roehampton University reading authorities.I can't wait suggesting this site to my new students for…

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Learning English for LIFE-Communicative Projects

Last week I gave a mini-project to my students. They are studying at the prep school and what they need is not grammar. They say that they had been taught grammar in detail for many years however they could not USE the language (which is the basic aim) to COMMUNICATE.…


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Scholastic-Story Starters

Developing writing skills is one of the most essential things in EFL classes. We do writing in classes and everyday at home as a homework. But today I gave a writing homework on Scholastic-Story Starters web site. The site is perhaps one of the most enjoyable sites I've ever introduced to my students. They liked the idea and started to e-mail me their writing projects. Here is the link…


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Will we play Vocabgame?"

In November, I attended Dogus University’s 1st International ELT conference. At the conference, Philip Kerr mentioned the importance of translation from L2 to L1 as because he states that taking L1 from the classes means “a loss of identity” for the children.  As my “Fundamentals”, I never use L1 in the classroom. However, I realized that I cannot check my kids' vocabulary input if they understand the  meaning correctly or not. I noticed that some of my pupils “coded” some…

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New Year Fun at a Primary School! (Happy New Year)

Experiencing the new year welcoming at a primary school is totally fun.The last week of december we prepared lots of new stuff with the kids. They prepared christmas trees, they created their own Santa Claus, they prepared a wishlist for themselves. They were very successful to express themselves clearly. Most of the kids wished a new "Nintendo" from Santa Claus. After their wishes they listened to songs, watched stories on Bristish Council's Kids and…

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For November the Bells Toll

After a long period of time I feel so happy to create time for my blog:)
We are in November now. As we know it is the mid of the term, there are only two months left for the end of term. In that sense, I would like to know how the term is going for the ELT teachers.
 In my case, I am too busy with my students. This year I have got four classes of 3rd and 4th graders.
Since they have all different levels of aptitude, I am trying to do my best for them.…

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Maximizing the Class Learning

As the new school year starts both the teachers and the pupils feel so passionate about the new education year. Pupils believe that after a fulfilling holiday rest, they will be highly dedicated to their studies. The teachers feel so excited by revising their teaching principles.We all feel and believe that we will study/teach elegantly.

As the months start following each other, it becomes apparent that both pupils and teachers start losing motivation, this is quite humane though. No… Continue

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Past Versus Present

In my childhood I was one of those unlucky ones whose primary level teacher forbade speaking up, moving, walking around the classroom. We were just supposed to be robot-like students sitting in the chair and following the directions from our "teacher-commander". There were only a blackboard, a piece of chalk, ruler on the table to make sure that we all listen. We were all meant to be "silent" just watching the teacher and following the directions. No giggling, no voice, no move, and the list… Continue

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Being a Mentor on Educational Basis

 ."If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." ---Anthony Robbins.

Yes, Tony Robbins is right. If a person achieves some "deeds", we all tend to wonder about him/her how s/he managed to be successful. This wonder is a result of our motivation. Because we model it. In my case, I am modelling Anthony Robbins since he has always inspired me to believe that I can do everything if I follow the…


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The Importance of Creativity in Education

I believe that teaching English is very enjoyable especially if I work with kids. Since the kids are receptive and eager to learn, they always welcome the new topics. When they learn a new structure, a new vocabulary or a new phrase; they are ready to use what they learnt using their creativity. Kids love creating their creativity in learning. Last year, I was teaching past simple "to be" to my 3rd graders. In the class, I realized that they created some pictures, picture stories and sentences… Continue

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Curriculum Advising to Specific Levels


In my career I worked with adults, teenagers, and kids (8-11). From my own observations I did some work upon the levels of the Ss I taught to, the results show that if it is taught in a fun way with extra materials free from text books, the more integration and success is achieved.

We, as educators, should plan and supply more materials relating to games,literature...etc for…


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