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Challenge 15

I have so many things about technology and global collaboration through this course.  I have learned what RSS readers are and how to set up one.  I set up the Flipboard app on my iPad.  I also learned how to set up and use blogs and wikis.  I created my first Prezi, which was probably the easiest thing I did in this course, and I really liked it so much better than PowerPoint.  I also set up an Edmodo account for my classroom and used it several times with my students.  They really enjoyed…


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Challenge 12

Here is the link to my prezi document.  It includes a recorded vocaroo, wordle of my learning, and screenshots from the blog, wiki, and edmodo accounts I created in this class.  I have learned so many new things that I…


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Challenge 11

After reading chapter 8 and viewing the ISTE NETS Standards, I made a few changes to my biography project from challenge 10 that is posted on my wiki page.  First, I took out or changed the technological tool to be used for all of the options for creating a final project that could not be done through a collaborative medium.  For example, I took out the timeline on Historia for this reason, as well as the fact that it only required LOTS.  I also removed the Puppet Pals option because it…


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Challenge 9

I had a very difficult time getting people to participate in my wiki discussion, but I understand that most of that is my own fault in not getting it up and running quickly enough.  Then I tried to get a discussion going with some colleagues on a project we are currently doing at our school, but that didn't work so well either.  So, according to the wiki rubric #2 I think we would receive a 0 out of 3 for online engagement with the project and a o out of 4 for reflection and evaluation. …


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Challenge 8

Collaboration is extremely different on a wiki than in an actual classroom!  It is challenging enough to teach students how to collaborate and all have a part in activities within the classroom, but online presents even more challenges.  First, I found it very difficult, mostly due to my lack of knowledge, to even set up the wiki properly.  I googled and youtubed it and still had trouble.  Then, because I fell behind in getting it properly set up, I had trouble connecting with others to…


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Challenge 7

Here's an interview I conducted of a sixth grade student with a Facebook account:

Age? 12

Do you have a Facebook account? Yes

How long have you had it? 2 years

Do your parents know about it? Yes, they helped set it up.

Do they know your password, and if so, do they monitor your account? Yes. They look at each about once a month.

Have you ever accepted a friend request from someone you don't know? No. 115 or so… Continue

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Challenge #6

I set up a netvibes account and put information and feeds for my students based on a biography project we are beginning this week. Still not sure if I'm doing these challenges correctly or included everything on this one, but it can be viewed at


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Mobile Devices in the classroom

The possibilities are endless for using your personal mobile device in the classroom.  With iphones and iPads, you can post any comments or pictures/videos to any site at any time.  Students, particularly older ones who have their own mobile devices, could use them to complete many of the tasks involved in global collaboration projects, which would greatly help out in the area of limited access to technology. 

Some of my personal favorite uses of mobile devices in the classroom are…


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This week I have been experimenting with Edmodo and Skype.  I love the idea of being able to visually connect with anyone, anywhere using Skype.  Although I have never used it in my classroom at school, I did use it with my students at church to connect with some missionaries in South America we had been collecting money for.  The kids absolutely loved being able to actually see where the missionaries lived and how different it was from our home. 

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Edmodo and Skyp



In Edmodo, I have set up an account for all of my students.  We are going to create our profile pages next week and try it out synchronously in our small Guided groups next week.  I am participating in a webinar on how to more effectively use it on Tuesday, so I hope to be able to better navigate the site after that and set up small projects and assignments we can use to practice appropriate online behavior.  I plan to post activities that will involve asynchronous…


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