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Engaging students in mathematics is a big challenge for many math tutor and parents. Most of the students hate mathematics. The reason can be how tutors teach mathematics or what tutors teach, both the things are important to engage students in mathematics. Sometimes students like mathematics but still engaging them in math become a challenging task for tutors. Here are 10 important tips to engage students in mathematics.

1) Build a culture where students can learn from each other. Some tutors think if one student is helping another one then it is a cheating, but it is not true. I have found that the best way to engage students in math is group discussion and group study. When students help each other they understand better.


2) Allow students more mistakes. Once we allow students to make more mistakes they start using their earlier mathematics concepts. Make sure there should be a balance between mistakes and learning. Some students make it as a habit.


3)  As success comes from understanding, similarly understanding come from engage of students. When students engage in mathematics they understand concepts easily and quickly.


4) Use a wide range of tasks and resource to engage students in math. We all have heard that math is fun and students like fun. By using online math help, online gaming students can get engaged easily.


5) Create a fun environment in the classroom. Create math classroom as a time for talk. Let the students teach you their concepts. This will help you to engage students in a better way.


6) Create model thinking, not solutions or answers thinking. Mathematics needs more practice and most of the students hate practice. Rather than telling students how to solve a problem give them a live and real world examples.


7) Make use of math stories, games and so on. Teach with the emotions that students have for math. Ask students about their conclusions on math.


8) Provide plenty of opportunities for students to show their experience success. Encourage students by small awards time to time, which will help you to engage students.


9) Ask for guesses, which students like most. Guessing is engaging, before you disclose the answer engage students using guessing game. This will help you most try it.


10) Gradually increase the task of complexity, start from the basics. Measure the student's understanding level first. Present math task in a different way which engage students in mathematics.

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