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A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future- By Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink writes in his book that the way that the world has been ruled for the past 50 or so plus years is not the world of the future.  Currently the world is shifting away from Left Brain dominated society to a society that will hold the six senses in higher regard.  These six senses: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning, are the skills that the future highly demanded careers will need.  He does not say that the IQ based left brain thinkers will no longer exist, but rather that computers and overseas competition will make it difficult for these type of thinkers to flourish.  Workers who can use both right and left together will be the highly demanded workers.   Pink explains that the days of the MBA are passing.  Instead businesses are looking for people with who can see the bigger picture or tell a story. 

What does this mean for education?  Well, we need to rethink everything.  Currently we test and test students using the left brain IQ as a basis for success.  The future jobs and even current ones are now looking for workers who are right brain or EQ intelligent.  Medical schools have already begun to shift their curriculum and so have some charter schools.  The overall educational system is failing behind.  We need to start embracing the idea that memorizing facts is not the future.  We need to start teaching students the six senses if they are going to compete in the global economy.  This does not mean that we have to get away from math, science, or social studies.  We just need to adjust the way we are teaching them, and include subjects that work the six senses like art, design, and more English classes.  We need to teach students how to use stories to learn, the importance of empathy, to include design within the core subjects, bring back the idea of fun and play, and most importantly meaning.  Meaning does not refer to religion per se, but rather that we look at the meaning of life and of things beyond material goods.  Workers and companies that use the six sense are more successful according to Pink.  Therefore, education should help address these issues to create the workers companies demand, otherwise another country will.  We need to create workers that can answer Pink's three questions

  1.  Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
  2. Can a computer do it faster?
  3. Am I offering something that satisfies the non-material, transcendent desires of an abundant age?

If we ignore these questions when preparing our students for the future, we as a country and educational system will continue to fall behind.

 I would recommend everyone reads this book and start working at incorporating the six senses into their lives.

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