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We have a very common phobia with math environments is the fact memorization. So many structured individuals feel it,”Use them and you will eventually learn them”. It is important for the student to learn the skill and leave it to "osmosis", and begin practice methods early. I tend toward the math helper,” I am willing to relax and let the student learn math facts on their own, But I  believe student should  know the  importance of facts to understand the math and grow in mathematics.

We can not learn math facts because math full depends on numbers and rules calculation, Math is very vast. Not all the student can do memorize math facts without the help of any high label online math tutoring.

Mathematical facts we use everywhere.  

For example :

Let a student memorize 2^2=4, But he/she did not understand the fact how it is? Suppose after some time from the same student if we ask for the 3^2 then the student will not be able to answer it because he did not understand the fact.

But at the same time memorizing is the first step in understanding the math facts. Even though  mathematics seem to be a constant process of 'working out,' the foundation of any kind of mathematical has to memorize, the great deal of learning mathematics includes understanding mathematical facts and procedures to memory.

For math tutor this is important to realize when to approach math fact memorization for the students. But the thing is memorization can be critical to the student later success in mathematics. So math helper should know how to provide the mathematical  environment? And how many facts  should be memorized ? Finally, when should we begin feeling concern at a students lack of speed with math facts?


Math fact can not be memorized, but at the same time memorizing is the first step in understanding the math facts. Math helper should know how many facts should be memorized, how to understand the math fact.

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Comment by John Marsh on March 5, 2014 at 6:17am

Yeah I agree with you Oscar, and that's what I'm trying to say math cannot be memorized but some important things for example formulas should be memorized. Because if you write the wrong formula the whole solution will be wrong.

Comment by Oscar Marin on March 3, 2014 at 7:03pm

If we go on memorizing the facts in maths then we won't be able to to learn the concepts behind any problem solving. I think math is the only subject where we see no mandatory requirement of memorizing but just that we need to understand the concepts applied behind any approach to a problem solving.


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