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I have been feeling the need to celebrate our youth!  They are an amazing group of people, and I am privileged to work with them each day.


I am an Assistant Principal, and I am excited about our youth and the potential they have to contribute to this world. . . . also about the contributions they are making now.   There is every reason to be feeling ‘hope-full’ about our youth today.


Each day, when I go to work, I meet young people that are committed to making a positive contribution to their own local communities.  They don’t learn about what is happening in their own communities in the way that we did.  They are connected and have conversations that are enhanced by the technology they use.  


They are also not limited to an understanding of local issues – their connections help them to learn about and understand the bigger picture – what is happening in the world from a global perspective.  They are the first generation to have this perspective.  They are the first generation to really have access to the stories of others in different places and to dialogue with others who cheer them on – or challenge their thinking.  


Our kids are decision makers – they will make informed decisions about when they engage on the battlefield – and when they can use the skills they are learning to find the win-win.


Communication and collaboration will always be the first choice when kids, neighbours, communities and countries face contentious and challenging issues.


Our kids persevere when things are important to them – the sit on student leadership councils, they join groups that go into Edmonton and make meals for the homeless, they play on teams – sing in choirs, and take on part-time jobs. They choose to do the things they do based on their own interests and opportunities for social connections.  You will see them on student advisory councils, helping out on the playgrounds, visiting in the senior’s homes, biking with family on the bike paths, and – yes – enjoying technology together.  


Are they short on values?  Quite the opposite – they are positive, optimistic and willing.  They are insightful and have the energy to match their insight.  They look after each other and contribute to community – local and global.  


I believe that we are living in a more hopeful time than ever before.  I don’t want our youth to follow the crowd; I want them to think and to question, to learn and to take a stand.  I want them to look at all angles of every issue and make a decision that they believe is right.  


This time belongs to our youth – and it will take all of their 'connected-ness' to solve the bigger problems.  I believe they can do it.


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Comment by Erika Podlovics on April 25, 2011 at 7:57pm

A more hopeful time then ever! I completely agree. It is amazing what today's youth has access to and has the potential to do. 


Support from schools, families, friends, and government is so important these days because youth doing important things are doing them in a bigger way then ever before - they have access to a global audience and potential to reach around the world.


We need to let them know that they can do it. That it's ok to do things differently. And help them be aware of their strengths in a world where they have such a huge range of talents and it may be hard to find direction. 


Cheers to the youth!


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