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“Have you ever felt that You were supposed to do something amazing, important, outstanding?

That only you can do and that you were destined for greatness?

Remember when you thought…anything was possible? It is!”

A few years back I found this amazing video on the website of Naomi Harm. Although designed to encourage building a small business, it spoke to me in another way. I saw in it the encouragement I needed to keep pressing forward, no matter what!

It reminded me that I’m on this planet to make a difference, and…I never want to lose that passion.

Take 2 minutes…and be Inspired!

The work we choose to do as teachers demands a tremendous amount of our time and energy. We are working in incredibly challenging times. And yet…there are still pre-service students around the world in our universities, preparing to enter the teaching profession. That says something about the hearts of people.

“There will be moments in your life when an opportunity is presented to you.” An opportunity to work on a challenging project, work with a challenging colleague or teach a challenging student. Instead of shying away from these challenges…embrace them! This will be your opportunity to do something brilliant, extraordinary, remarkable! “That fits your talents, abilities, experiences…changing your life forever.”

“As difficult, frustrating and fearful as these times are…they also bring change.” This is where the turning point comes.  This is where YOU can be the instrument of change on that project, for that colleague, with that student.

“We do face an uncertain and unsettling future. But…not one without VISION-HOPE-OPPORTUNITY. So…what are you going to do? For what might be your finest hour. To make your mark, make a difference, leave your legacy.”

As a teacher, you have the personal power to “Reach out, look inward, and step forward.”You can do this for yourselves, your work, your students. Often times though, as we give, give and give we can get beat down and discouraged. Sometimes we don’t even feel that we CANmake a difference. Believe me, I’ve been there. But here is something in my journey as an educator, that has been a rough road at times, that I still believe: “There is no chance, no fate, no destiny that can hinder or control the firm resolve of the human soul.”

“So…don’t settle for less. Do something that matters…and Do what you Do, with all your heart.”

The message?

On this first day of  March 2012…“Embrace your future with an enthusiastic WELCOME!”

You ARE here to make a difference.

No matter how tough things get, in your classroom (or even in your personal life) don’t lose your dreams, your hope, and never lose your passion.

Be present in all you do with your students, Be a Leader, Be Remarkable!

Don’t waste or squander one more minute!  Because…They are counting on YOU.

“Have you ever felt that you are supposed to DO something special? You Are!”

Share with us… what do you do to keep your enthusiasm? What can we do to support you?

Photo:fotofortimbras CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Video by  mannatecheurope uploaded to YouTube on July 31, 2009.

Originally posted here on March 1, 2012.

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