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I speak with educators, principals, and administrators every day that feel trapped, alone, and many times helpless, when it comes to fixing the deep fundamental problems in our education system.

What I find so powerful about the Internet is building real online communities. I am not talking necessarily talking about sites that attract several million people a day.  I am thinking of those places where real connections are made, problems are solved, where people are helping each other out.

There is no other industry that can benefit more from this virtual world than education. Sharing best practices, products, services, and methodologies that have shown both positive and negative outcomes can be highly beneficial. Further, highlighting new products, services, guest speakers, webinars, the list goes on and on.

Over the next several months you are going to see uwemp make a push on this end and really try to bring together the “education reformers,” people on the ground floor that would really like to change the education system by incorporating disruptive technologies together on a regular basis.

We are all facing similar problems. This is a call out to anyone both inside and outside of the education system to join in the conversation and help us build the most active, dynamic, fun, effective community that is going to help change the world and better educate our youth.

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Comment by Wendy Fisher on February 25, 2011 at 2:00pm
I so totally agree. I speak to my principal several times a week and feel so totally frustrated that I want to make a change in my school but feel helpless to do so. Perhaps I just need some encouragement and a push to do something about it.I read blogs, tweets, discussions, everything that I can, but don't know where to start the change and I'm honestly a little afraid to jump. I'll do anything to help anyone, but I lack the courage and confidence to believe that I can be an innovator.

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