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How to Make an Educational Site Profitable

Online education has been developing at breakneck speed for the last decade – after appearing as a sort of supplement to traditional learning procedures, it quickly evolved into an industry in and of itself. And it is understandable: when studying online you are not limited by nation, country or culture. People from all over the world get educational opportunities they couldn’t have dreamt about.

So how can I get a piece of this pie, you ask? How can I start a profitable education website?

  1. Clearly Define Your Scope

In this world, specialists will always win against all-rounders. People subconsciously assume that anybody who is trying to be a Jack-Of-All-Trades is automatically a master of none. So, even if the scope of your interests and knowledge are encyclopedic, you will do better if you delimit them – especially if you are going to start out small. Choose a single topic, or a particular age group, or something else that will give you the tinge of professionalism.

  1. Cut Your Costs

At least for the time being. An educational website is a startup just like any other, and follows the same rules – you should have enough money to keep you afloat for at least several months because the probability of your educational program instantly becoming profitable is close to zero. Not because you are bad at it – it is just the case with most startups.

  1. Make Your Website Unique

Even in your chosen niche there are very likely to be dozens if not hundreds of educational websites offering more or less the same services. So, you should make sure to stand out.

For example, let’s say you are going to start a website for parents who are willing to homeschool their children. Do you have any idea how many homeschooling services there are? Neither do we, but their numbers are probably in the hundreds, and many of these have been established long ago and have stable audience. If you simply start a website that is going to offer homeschooling advice, there will be no motivation for anybody to prefer you to any other competitor or, worse yet, to the website they are already used to.

In order to succeed, you should either offer something nobody else offers, or narrow down your target audience. Christian homeschooling sounds much better, because people who care about it are more likely to pay attention.

  1. Give the Readers a Taste of Your Content

What is the best way to persuade a customer to buy something intangible, like a training course? To give him a taste of what he can get free of charge.

So let’s say you’ve developed an excellent online training program. How can you prove it to your suspicious customer that it is worth paying for before he pays? Provide a free access to some part of the program, a first chapter, for example. If the reader sees that you actually have something useful to impart, he will be much more eager to pay for the whole thing. Just be aware there are numerous websites that are completely free and you will have to compete with them.

It’s also very important to make sure you pay enough attention to marketing. You won’t have anybody buying your courses or books unless people know that your website exists. Guest posting might be the most effective way for this as a guest posting agency Luckyposting suggests. And it can be absolutely free if you do it yourself! All you need to do is to contact editors of the websites you won’t contribute to and tell about your project or your professional experience.

  1. Diversify Your Media

Training programs in plain text are so 20th century… you are very unlikely to attract paying customers if you don’t keep pace with modern trends. Thus, you should liberally use video, interactive lessons, presentations, webinars and other means of imparting information. Otherwise, even if you have some priceless things to teach others, they won’t come to you.

Educational website may be a tough business to run and keep profitable, but if teaching and training people is your passion it may be an incredibly fulfilling and fascinating thing to do. We hope that our tips will come in handy!


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