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How to motivate students to write essays?

It is rather difficult to teach students, but to motivate them is even harder. At schools and even at colleges you have to contact with children who try to reject someone else's influence. And the fact is that this rejection is a logical result of misconception of the roles of both. It is possible to overcome the conflict of generations, and you can touch the children, and they can hear you. If you are so lucky to succeed and make student listen, then you can motivate them to any activity and even to essay writing.

Prove yourself. First, you need to prove yourself, so that they let you influence them. You cannot do this when you merge into a faceless crowd. You should stand out, get their attention and keep it.

Express your ideas, opinion or views. If you want your students to begin thinking on the essay matter, you have to express your views in the proper moment. Do not talk too much and too categorical. Demonstrate the class that you are informed, intelligent, and not an arrogant egomaniac.

Be passionate. Burning eyes, smile and barely restrained enthusiasm make wonders. Even if your students reveal no interest to essay writing, your behavior will "hook" them.

Be energetic. You enthusiasm can be contagious. It is really impossible to fall asleep at the lesson when the teacher is active and mobile.

Break the rules sometimes. Do this with caution, but it usually helps to establish a relationship of trust. For instance, a student, who regularly does not write essays, informs you that he didn’t fulfill the task once again. Admit that this is wrong and help him. Tactfully give him additional time on essay writing and simplify the topic. Yes, it is a violation, but in a way, you do not give a similar situation again. Stress that you are not planning to allow such concessions in the future.

Do a bit more than your students expect ... at least once. Returning to the previous example. Leave this student after school and work through the entire job with him. Help him to write thesis or direct his ideas, show how to perform the research, show the work of other students. It is excellent because it removes all the problems: if the attitude of a student is the reason, you eliminate any excuses, and when the student really had difficulty with essay writing, he now knows what to do. Be careful to explain all questions. Inform him that you are not intending to stay with this student again after school.

Give information readily. Keep students updated with the latest discoveries and innovations in your discipline and offer them the topics from this field. You should remember that your duty is to interest students in the theme of writing, it should be up-to-date, vital, or interesting for the students’ age. It is preferable to offer to choose the topic themselves or at least, to formulate it. Your role is just to direct them with your information.

Dare to go beyond the usual. Work with the class on some unusual and interesting project. For example, create a book of essays or create a newspaper. It is better to work on the project during school hours and on each stage of the project.

Be careful with sarcasm. In fact, the sarcasm is a good chance to talk using a common language to the students. Students begin feeling that you are not willing to get their approval, you know the rules and your sense of humor is good. However, your sarcasm needs to be well defined, applied at the correct moment, and remember to smile during or immediately after your sarcastic remarks. It's pretty important. Students like sarcasm, but your body language should be combined with it; otherwise, you seem sneering and unpleasant, this is advice from Edusson writers

Brag, just do not overdo it. One of the methods to convince students to hear you and your directions is to show your talents, to represent that you are an excellent specialist in your field. Read the example of your essays to demonstrate them the way of writing on your example.

Be careful. If a student seems unhealthy or depressed, ask him if he is okay. Do not press! Student will be satisfied with your attention.

Ask the opinion of students. Ask them if their opinion is different or coincides with your on the theses of the essay, argue with them as you are usually doing with friends in an informal way. Accept your failure from time to time.

Clarify your expectations. Make students know what you would like them to do and in what way, give clear instructions.

Give them an incentive, to which they resisted previously. Questions relating to people, communities, countries and the world. Everything you can apply as the methods of motivation. Now, when you have earned their trust, they have decided that it is worth following you ... and they will. Even if they disagree with you, they will try their best to make their efforts and write any essay you offer them.

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Comment by Lynn Usrey on July 17, 2015 at 3:14am

Interesting topics and normal relationships between teacher and student - the golden rule of student motivation!


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