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How To Unlock Children Math And Logic Skills

Unlocking children math and logic skill is easy with the right time and right kind of fun activities. For modern school student's learning should be practical and classroom should be full with fun activities.  Games are the best way to offer children the opportunity to develop the logical skills. Early math skills are the most important skills which students use throughout their life. There are some cool tricks explained below, which helps children to develop and unlock their basics and math logical skills.

Number Puzzle Pictures:

Number puzzle pictures helps early age children to develop a wide range of talents that last lifetime. As a math tutor or parents you can take any cool pictures and translate it into a number puzzle. Ask children to solve it using counting or drawing skills. This will help children a lot to unlock their many math skills.


Spatial Sense:

Spatial sense means introducing the ideas of shapes, size and position. Later on, students will call it “Geometry”. In middle school, geometry tutor helps you to learn about these shapes properties and formulas. Hence it is necessary to unlock spatial sense in early age.



Sudoku is the best game to develop logical skills. For early age, students use number with color Sudoku. Parents and children together can play this color plus number Sudoku to develop and improve logic and math skills.



Measurement technically used to find the length, weight, height and mass of an object using their units.  But early age, children can learn measurement at home. For ex: measurement of time, measuring water, measuring ingredient and so on. Later in school, it helps in many fields of math.



Basically estimation is the ability to guess about any object's size. For students in early it is difficult to understand estimation. But parents can help children using terms like bigger, smaller, less, more, and so on.  This estimation will help later in school to understand statistics logic.   

Not only games can develop student’s logic. Parents should encourage children to enjoy challenging jobs beyond the classroom and home.

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Comment by Oscar Marin on June 10, 2014 at 10:30am

Math and logic skills must be taught to kids at right time and with right activity, to make their interest towards math and logic . The methods mentioned in the blog are good enough to make the activities a fun task. Kids must be enjoying these methods and getting knowledge too.


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