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Learn a Foreign Language on Your Own with These Tips

Learning a foreign is a very complex process. And, it becomes even more difficult if you want to learn it by yourself. When you go to classes and have a trainer to teach you that language in various lessons, things are quite easy. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, you should be prepared not only for finding the ambition to keep learning that language, but also for a lot of work to prepare the right materials.

You will need to be very organized and do extensive research to prepare your daily lessons. Even though it might seem hard in the beginning, the satisfaction is enormous. From grammar rules, pronunciation, to vocabulary and learning techniques, these are the things that you will have to figure out by yourself.

The first lessons should focus on pronunciation

When you want to learn a foreign language on your own you will need a very strong memory. During your lessons, you will discover thousands of new words and grammar rules which you will need to remember. This is why you should focus on pronunciation first. It is easier to remember words that you know how to pronounce. In addition, by overcoming the challenge of pronunciation, you will get a lot of many other benefits: improved listening comprehension, fast learning of new vocabulary, and better speaking skills.

Are you curious to know how you can achieve this? You will need to first train your ears and then your mouth. There are plenty of apps that offer a vast vocabulary having also the option to listen to the pronunciation. You can listen to how the words are pronounced and then try to repeat in a loud voice. Practice every day and in the end, you will make it perfect.

Continue by learning the basics

When you start learning a foreign language you will discover that the grammar rules can be quite different than your native language. Therefore, if you want to be able to express yourself without errors, you should spend time to learn how to structure new sentences, what is the correct order of the words, and what is the correct position of the subject and verb.

Even if you know how to apply the grammar rules, you need to also develop your vocabulary. Therefore, you should start with the simplest words and continue with the more complex ones. For instance, in one of your first lessons, you can learn the personal pronouns. Then you can discover the most common nouns like boy, girl, woman, man, house, child, etc. You will also need adjectives and verbs if you want to create correct and clear sentences.

Once you know the basic grammar rules and common vocabulary, you can start forming phrases. Learn in the beginning how to introduce yourself, ask questions about a location, and give indications for an address. You can make a list of 10-20 usual questions and translate them in the new foreign language. If you are not sure whether you formed the correct phrases, you can ask for online translation services. For instance, you can count on Pick Writers for professional translation services.

You can learn a foreign language while having fun

Having fun while you learn a new language makes the entire process a lot easier. For example, you can enhance your vocabulary by listening to foreign-language music. Organize your daily schedule and spend half an hour listening to your favorite foreign songs. You can download the lyrics and translate them if you want to understand the song better.

Reading is an excellent method to learn a different language. You can spend time reading newspapers or magazines in the target language and find more about the topics that passionate you. You can either buy the printed version or download them online. It would be great if you could read as much as possible in the foreign language. Soon you will realize how fast you can become a fluent speaker.

Watching movies is also a great method to learn new words and phrases. Turn off the subtitle or voiceover and try to understand as much as possible from what the actors are saying. You can always have a notebook close to you if you want to note down any unknown words. You can look them up in the dictionary and use them in your next conversations.

How do you stay motivated?

As we mentioned before, learning a foreign language on your own takes a lot of motivation and energy. When you work with a trainer, he is in charge in diversifying the learning methods and coming with varied materials to catch your attention. Therefore, if you want to stay motivated, you should try to use different learning methods. For instance, you can watch videos, play games, listen to radio or music, write letters, etc.

Furthermore, before you start learning, you should establish very clear goals. What is exactly the level you want to achieve? Do you want to be a basic speaker or become fluent? Depending on this you can prepare your daily schedule and decide how many pages you will read, how much time you will spend listening to music or watching movies, and how many hours per week you will dedicate to individual study. Only by establishing clear and achievable goals you will be able to keep yourself motivated.

In addition, even if it gets hard in the beginning, you shouldn’t get discouraged. You should be rational and understand that it is impossible to be fluent after just a couple of months. A foreign language has a lot of secrets that you need to discover, and this takes time. Whenever you feel you lack motivation, remind yourself why you chose that language and how it is going to help you.

In conclusion, learning a foreign language without a teacher can be a fun and exciting process. It also takes time and effort from your side, but you will see that all the work will pay off in the end. As mentioned above, it is very important to do an extensive research and use various learning methods. This is how you will not get bored and be able to learn that language from different perspectives.

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