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It seems like we all seem to know teachers in out building that is dealing with low morale. Well, it's time to stop talking about it and make a move. Join the Low Morale fighting Force. We might even get T-Shirts! If we are not going to help these teachers, who is going to?

I challenge all of you to find that teacher and tell them how great they are and offer your ear for a few minutes and let them know they are not alone. We need to stick together and help each other so we can help the students. Positive attitudes are just as contagious as bad ones. Spread the good vibes and they will spread to others.

If this is a larger school issue, think about planning a trip to the local drinking establishment after school on Friday and raise a glass to your hardworking staff. We have all heard about the student who only receives a smile from a teacher all day and the impact it had on them.

Think about the teachers that work all of the time and never get told they are doing a good job. If yo have to start with one teacher at a time, start there. All it takes is one pebble to start the ripple in the pond. Are you going to be that pebble?

If you are on board with this, leave a comment sharing how you helped fight low morale in your school.

Let the power of our PLN fight low morale around the world!

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Comment by Irene Farmer on March 5, 2010 at 8:04am
Great idea to start this positive wave! I have helped to fight low moral in my school district by starting a weekly yoga class for the staff. I offered this idea to my superintendant last year (as I have to every superintendant in the past) and he helped me in every way to get it started! He even gave me a small budget to buy supplies, helped to promote the class. I am eternally grateful to him and so are the teachers who attend this free class without fail every week.

This allows teachers to de-stress once a week, forget about school and recharge their body and minds. it allows them to push the reboot, re-set button and begin anew. There is absolutely no negative talk.

What's great is I see these teachers in the hallways and they are smiling, thanking me for the class the next day. I thank them for coming, telling them that they deserve to reward themselves with relaxation.

Here is the best part. Administration attends the class too! School principals and even the superintendant take the class! What a great way to bond in an energetic, non-verbal way. The superintendant was reluctant to come at first as he didn't want to impose upon the teachers. But teachers have conveyed how much they enjoy that he is there too.

This is my part in fighting low moral.


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