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I started my challenging immersion into the thrilling world of knowledge when I was only 3-years old when I became a pupil at preparatory classes. When I finished my primary education, I asked my parents to let me continue my further studying at college. That was the first step to molding such abilities of mine as commitment, leadership and dedication - understanding that only hard work and everyday work everyday can bring positive results and achievements. The adaptation period in different social and educational environment wasn’t that easy and made me work even harder in order to integrate and become a competent member of my new school family. I did it successfully.

Besides studying at school, I visited equestrian club, music school and swimming pool in order to improve myself in all aspects. I am grateful to my parents, who supported me in every single moment of my life. They were able to explain me all necessity importance of education and the weight value of the right choices, which should be a sustainable background for my future. I started high school with setting a new goal - to get a certificate with of merit. Since then, I have been interested in being able to set proper goal and achieve it. That was a moment when another strong feature of my character emerged. Two consecutive years I was the president of the class and did a lot for school and class life; including organization of different contests, sport events, and music and talent shows. I did it successfully and was fully responsible for my deeds. Persistent work led me to be an annual member and winner of Maths and English contests. I knew for sure that I could not relax under no circumstances and let my life run on its own. Another example of my leadership and responsibility are is my experiences in living alone in another country. Over the last two years my parents let me travel with group of my friends to Czech. I was not only responsible for myself, I but also had to plan our free-time, organize excursions and keep our finances under strict control. That was an unforgettable experience, which helped me a lot in shaping my greatest strength.

When I get got older, my interests and experiences shaped transformed into a wish to make my country more progressive by working in such spheres, as business and commerce. Being a creative person, I realized that exact science and creativity are fully compatible fields, but I still needed to set clear priorities. Then At that point, my ability to take risks helped me a lot. Well, being an active student of the music school, I had to finish studying there in order to concentrate all my thoughts on studying sciences. At the same time, I began to think about the future profession. Complete analysis of the spectrum of various career opportunities made me understand that my passionate desire to study Maths“creatively” is affordable by choosing one of three possible professions: marketing specialist, economist or financial manager. Eventually, last summer I realized that marketing studies offer a wonderful mixture of accuracy and creativity.

The desire to explore unknown was so powerful that it gave me an impetus to create something new, develop my personality and in a future perspective, make my contribution in the sphere of economics and development of business in my home country. My dream has persistently encouraged me to show the highest results in the high school. My parents have always told me: “It’s very important to make the right choice but what is even more important is to make it betimes”. I had to choose proper university. Being responsible, I’ve repeatedly surfed via official rankings and web–sites, communicated with students from all over the world in social networks with the sole intention to find my university and to do it by my own. University of Toronto captivated me with an amazing combination of such properties as highly professional instructors, one of the most powerful research base in the world, and particularly, in North America, and environment, which motivates on-campus students to make their best reaching the highest possible results and self-improving for the overwhelming social and professional realization. Moreover, University of Toronto offers stunning combination of traditional experience and innovative approach and technologies in education. I have already proven myself that I can reach my aims without claims and complaints. I am willing and able to develop my skills. I am responsible in my choices and I am 100-percent sure that making ourselves better is the first step towards making better our world a better place.

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