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School’s out for Summer… Part 1


Over the past week or so, parents have been approaching me, with a certain look of fear in their expressions, and asking for ideas of how they can keep their children occupied over the summer break. Always a tricky one for mums and dads all over the world - I know i am looking at loads of different activities for my two to do.

Thankfully, we have the wonderful world of the Internet and Technology close at hand to help us fill a few of the long hours and days that lie ahead. Over the next two weeks (I am not counting!), I will be looking at a few ways that parents will be able to use these tools to keep your kids occupied in meaningful ways.

My first tip is to create a blog site for your child (children) using Posterous. Posterous is really easy to use and it provides lots of flexibility for posting material. The privacy settings are very impressive. These guides will show you what to do:


How do I use POSTEROUS?

How can i use it with my kids?
  • Daily diary
  • Share photos/ Videos of Holiday Activities
  • Write Stories/Poems
  • Book Reviews
  • Interact with Family and Friends
  • Respond to feedback from family and friends.
Posterous really is a great tool to use. I am hoping that my children will have a fantastic journal of some of the things they will do over the holiday and are able to share this with their classes when they go back to school.

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