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Should parents help kids with homework?

Homework is a headache for many parents. Few children have due diligence and make your own lessons. And what about the rest? Stay with your child until the eleventh grade, or let it go. In the measure is necessary.

Homework should not take a student of the first class for more than thirty minutes a day. Every class is a digit increase, but this does not mean that the student must sit until midnight over exercise books.

In order to the implementation of lessons was most effective, the child must have own personal space. This may be a desk and a place for books. On the table, it is desirable to comply with the order, so that nothing would distract the child from studying.

Try To motivate your student to perform tasks. If the child does not understand why it is necessary, then bring himself to perform certain actions will be difficult for him.

Start the implementation with the most difficult task that requires extra effort. Tired child is difficult to perceive a strange material.

-       Ensure the conditions so that your child does not distracted (toilet, television, window).

-       Start the timer at a certain time during which is necessary to finish homework.

-       Do not make lessons instead of the child. If some material remained misunderstood, try to explain it, thus give the opportunity to your child to perform a difficult task on his own.

-       Take some time after homework for additional lessons with the child. Write dictations, solve problems, examples. You can make out the school material slightly forward so that your student feel more confident. If the child has no gaps in knowledge, he will happily go to school and preparing homework will not take him long.

-       Be interested in your child's school affairs (communicate with the class teacher, do not ignore the parents' meetings).

-       Reward for success - it will serve as an additional incentive for good study.

-       Do not compare the success of other people's children, and your child failures. Track just a positive dynamics of your child. What kind of success he has achieved in a week, a month. Do not forget to speak to him about it.

-       Do not deprive the baby the opportunity to attend additional classes: sports clubs, music school, dancing, painting studio. All this will enrich your child. Do not worry, that he will not have time for lessons. Children who have a burden in addition to the school more disciplined, motivated. Since childhood, they have a goal. Problems with learning in these children occur much less frequently.

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Comment by Kaylee on April 7, 2016 at 10:43am

I like this! I think parents should be involved in their child's homework if they are struggling, but they should help the child, not just give away the answers. I also like how you said that children need to do extra activities outside of school. They really do need time to just be kids. 

Comment by Daisy Hastings on March 28, 2016 at 5:36am

And it's also a good opportunity to spend some time with our kids :)

Comment by Rebecca Adams on March 27, 2016 at 11:54am

Good piece, Daisy ! As parents we need to collaborate with our  children  teachers to monitor their school progress and also help them with challenging task at home.


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