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I spent my Saturday morning learning how to use a new tool  for my language classes and I'm pretty happy with the results! We are currently studying sentence diagramming and some students are struggling with the concept. Sentence diagrams are difficult without a great previously-laid foundation in the parts of speech. So, I set out to find a better way to contain the information so that it looks like a book. Simple Booklet makes it fairly easy to accomplish.

You can use this tool across a huge variety of Internet landscapes. It adapts to mobile devices like tablets and phones. It can be emailed, shared, embedded; you name it, Simple Booklet can probably do it.

I needed a tool in the cloud to supplement our main resource, my language website. Using Simple Booklet fits in easily as a gadget to Google Sites. It's free with ads (not annoying ads, either) but the cost per year is only $20, which is cheap. I bit and purchased.

There is also login availability for students with Google Apps. This means that my students can login with their Google accounts and build their own booklets. As always, application is the best way to learn, so now I'm envisioning how we can use this in our curriculum. I'll need another Saturday...

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Comment by Leanna K Johnson on March 14, 2012 at 7:15pm

Thanks, Sharon! Do you know if SnackTools works well on mobiles? I really like how you just stretch the perimeters with SimpleBooklet to change the size of it for the tool it will be accessed on. It's a lot easier than going in and changing code. I've used Google Docs Slideshows but the students seem to like these better than the slideshows. And I like that my students can use their GAFE accounts for these, too.

Comment by Sharon Keehner on March 14, 2012 at 2:58pm

Most of those you can create a power point save as a pdf and upload to the ap and you can create books out of your presentations.  I use SnackTools to create fiip books and the students love them--And I teach high school.


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