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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye...

Prom is over.... You know what that means????
Rampant "Senioritis"... Oh! and Graduation is just around the corner...
Scary, I know... Not only because I just realized that I only have about 15 classes (yep 30 school days) left to cram in the rest of my curriculum...(Just kidding) But mainly because I can't believe it is almost time to once again say goodbye to another fabulous class...
So just for fun I thought I'd share with you an example of what a graduation gift looks like...Mme Jones style.., 
Part 1. The Note and Deep Thoughts....
"One last piece of "un-requested" wisdom... Just for kicks"
As you leave the nest, you will often be on your own to make very important decisions. So I just thought I’d take one last opportunity to share some wisdom that was left to me by my elders and some that I discovered (sometimes painfully) on my own. 
To do so, I will share with you some of my favorite quotes from a French classic: “The Little Prince” (Yes I know... it is way over used... but seriously.. we all enjoyed it so much.... "Snake in the grass" anyone???)
  1. Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.  Just because you are older, does not mean that you have all the answers. You will make mistakes; the interesting part is how you react to them, and what actions you take to make it right. Growing old, and growing up are 2 very different concepts.
  1.  Here is my secret. It is very simple: one sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. As long as you stay true to whom you really are (your values, your faith, your beliefs etc.), things will always be fine. Follow what your heart tells you, and remember that “Not all that shines is gold.” A little of exploration here and there is very healthy and will keep you on the right track.
  1. Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.You do not always get what you want, you do not always meet good people, but the most important thing is that to reach a goal that means something to you, you might have to put up with a little thing or two, and who knows you might discover a lot in the process. Keep your eyes open, keep on trucking... There usually is a pretty cool light at the end of the tunnel
Part 2. The Gift... Yes I actually buy these things for all my graduating seniors...
Finally I wanted to share with you a few essentials for life after Mom and Dad (and out of their house)
  1. Band Aids: Cuts and bruises will still happen, now you are in charge.
  2. Lint remover: Presentation is everything. Most people judge a person in the first 10 minutes of meeting them.
  3. Tissues: Did you really think, everything was going to be fun and games? Your crying days are not over and it is OK.
  4. Phone Card: I don't care if  this is the era of cell phones... U can always use a prepaid phone card to call home.. or check in with your favorite soon to be, former French teacher
  5. Ramen Noodles: They are the key to every great meal on a budget. Breakfast, snack, dinner; cold, hot warmed up, re-heated you name it. You’ll eat plenty of them for about 4 years, and then won’t be able to look at them for another 10. Trust me.
  6. Laundry Detergent: Grow –up, you can do your own laundry now.
  7. Clothes basket: Who am I kidding? Of course you’ll be bringing laundry back on the week-end. (And here is the best secret: your mom will be praying for Laundry visits)
Good luck and make sure to keep me posted on you progress.... Because even though you are now transitioning from "one of my students" to "one of my former students"... the important thing is... you are "one of mine"... Always and Forever..

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