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Stop failing the next generation of leaders

“75% of Leadership Development programs are not very effective”

That means 3 out of 4 leadership programmes don’t provide leaders with the skills they need to lead.

We all know leadership development programmes which have been a waste of money. Your staff have come back from the training and don’t do anything differently. They still won’t step out of their comfort zone.

They know all about leadership theories and styles. They’ve done all sorts of inventories and tests. They've been labelled, categorised, and come back with workbooks and handouts. Yet nothing changes. They’re still not ready to “step up”.

Guarantee your programme is different

If you’re involved in developing leaders, you can make your programme the one in four that's successful. These 4 simple steps for designing each session guarantee your future leaders will develop the behaviours you need.

  1. What - Decide what they need to know? Have one key message per session. What new knowledge or information will help them to ‘step up’? How will you create the right experience for them to gain new learning? What will help them to think critically about this experience?
  2. Why - For what reason do they need to know this? What will your organisation gain from their understanding? What is the tested research, theory, evidence or data behind this? What will they understand by knowing this? How does this change their thinking, attitude or behaviour?
  3. How - What techniques or skills will they need to implement this new knowledge and understanding? What processes will they use? How can it be integrated into what they do already? How can you build in opportunities during your session to practice these skills? How will you create a practice situation for them to apply this learning?
  4. Apply - How will they integrate this into their job? What will change in their practice? How will they apply their new knowledge, understanding, skills or behaviours? What will they do first? How will their behaviour change? How will you and they evaluate this learning?

It’s a tried and tested theory

Why will these 4 steps lead to guaranteed success of your leadership development sessions? Because for those of you who recognised the 4MAT learning method, you’ll know it's a process to help anyone to learn anything. It almost sounds too good to be true. It isn’t; it works because it’s based on David Kolb’s research into how adults learn effectively. We know profound learning only takes place only when all 4 steps are followed. We also know profound learning results in changes in behaviours, and that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Plan for success

Whether you’re planning to send your staff on leadership training or facilitate it yourself, be sure your programme works.

Follow the simple formula to guarantee your programme isn’t in the 75% that fails our next generation of leaders; give your leaders the skills to step up and lead the moment you need them to.

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Comment by Mr. F on February 21, 2016 at 9:33pm

I think we should meet & work with the experts, setting small goals and having them come to demonstrate, observe and redesign with each meeting. I want to learn one on one from a a 'pro' Someone who has had success in implementing a certain strategy etc.

Comment by Joyce Matthews on February 20, 2016 at 2:39am

Yes, agreed. And how do you make yourself accountable? Who do you tell or what do you do to make sure you are held to account by more than just yourself?

Comment by Mr. F on February 17, 2016 at 6:40pm

Joyce, you make some good points. I like the simple, to point statements of what I am learning and why. Presently, I am in the learning to be a leader process and I think the 'apply' piece is the big one. Its hard to follow through. Firstly, you need to be submersed in a situation and then you have to stop & think 'Ohh, maybe I'll try the new thing'. I think having experts who check in and follow through to another meeting may help to hold one accountable more. It can't just be a blast of information and a 'Good Luck' at the end.


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