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Student Life - the most exciting time in the life! Tips from Natalia Shibankinoy

When at the end of last summer, I received a scholarship to study at the American university, I was just feeling overwhelmed. I do not even know where I'm just going to learn, but in my head I had circled colorful pictures of my future life. After reading the name of the future of the university, and found that he is somewhere near Washington, I was delighted even more. As it turned out, the joy was not in vain. After I came here and spent over 8 months, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best places in America. It is already difficult to count all the places and activities that I was able to visit here. Among them, local attractions, museums, conferences, forums, volunteer projects, festivals, parades, and so on and so forth. In general life here is in full swing!

My university is called George Mason University. It is not far from the capital of the small town of Fairfax, Virginia. By the way we are even a metro station, so travel very cheap, fast and convenient.

Today I want to talk about how American students spend their free time. It is worth mentioning that most of the students live on campus (campus) and, therefore, are always in the cycle of university events. In addition, one of the factors that significantly affect the free time, and in general its presence is a schedule of courses each student. In America, this is much easier than in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet countries. If a student he creates a schedule, it is possible to account for all their studies, including work and hobbies. I remember that when I was in the Ukraine, I had enough time to study but only a couple of some private lessons!

If me somebody today ask what I think of the extra-curricular life of the local students, I simply could not immediately respond. In fact, it is simply amazing! Each student has his professional activity. For example, someone - a member of the university basketball team, someone - President Economic Community, someone - a coach of the dancing group, a someone else - President fraternity or sorority (male or female fraternity), etc. Sometimes even I wonder how many of these studies should be to have enough for everyone! In addition there are professional activities and hobbies: ballroom dancing, playing guitar, rock climbing and even, strange as it would sound - origami or juggling. Here no one is shy and any attempt to learn something respectful perceived by others.

Most support for students - a university. On campus there are three large sports complex, which operate almost around the clock. Often, couples go on early in the morning, but already there is someone pulls a mile, come back late in the evening of the theater - a mile and still continue to be wound! In one of the sports facilities is a professional and an amateur swimming pools, sauna and jacuzzi. Do you want to become a professional swimmer or just relax after class - choose what you more suitable to your taste!

A special pride is the University Center for the Arts (theater). They act as local students and famous artists from all over the world. By the way, most of the ideas for the input of students for free. Away from home I was particularly pleased to enjoy the performance of "Romeo and Juliet" performed by the Moscow Ballet.

In addition to the active support of the university, the students themselves are great lads. They get up early, go to school, and then another time to do what he likes. I really have a lot to learn from them. If I was a professor at time management, I would put them all "five"!

In this world there is nothing perfect. Perhaps in my story dominated "pink", but here too there are a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, not all are so active, as I say (but trust me, most of them), and secondly - what I see happening on campus, where do, unfortunately, can not do everything . Money always plays a role, both at home and here. Only education here - this is a very lucrative business, so the university can allocate more funds for student initiative. Another problem is, dismissive attitude to learning in some students. They're just looking for where to get quality help with dissertation writing and do not try to do anything on their own.

In Ukraine, as, probably, in Russia, more attention is paid to the educational process. From my perspective, this is not entirely correct, as art and sports component in man, too, plays a very important role. I'm not saying that we have absolutely no home amateur - we have football teams, music ensembles, dance clubs and youth theaters. Just doing this is just a small part of the younger generation, while many "just walking the streets." What do you think?

Please share with us your experience - both American and Russian.

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