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At Hawes Side we have worked for many years to develop student voice. One of the most important groups I meet with regularly is our T&L Group. This is made up of a group of children in Y6 (10 and 11 year olds). One day a week we have lunch together and share our thoughts on a range of topics that we feel will ultimately help us become better learners.

Our research recently has featured on the qualities of an effective learner. The first three we've looked at are listed below. They are based on the work of Guy Claxton and Chris Quigley. For resilience the children ran a poster campaign across school. For reflection they created a learning mat to help Y3 children and for resourcefulness they made a learning inventory to use in class to ascertain what resources, both internally and physically were at their disposal to help them learn - and what more they needed. Next term the children will be looking at Risk Taking and how this can help you become a better learner. Any thoughts on how the children could develop this would be greatly appreciated.

The resilient learner

remains positive throughout
stays involved with their learning
sets targets and practises
never gives up

The resourceful learner

shows initiative
is capable of learning in different ways
asks good questions
is prepared to take risks
uses all available resources around them

The reflective learner

shows curiosity
is objective
can see things from different perspectives
learns from, and acts upon, experience
thinks carefully about their learning

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