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There are two sides of math for kids, first math is fun for kids and second math is phobia. It's all depend  on the math tutor how they  introduce math. There are may reasons for math phobia, poor learning environments in traditional classrooms,work disorders and unintelligent math tutors etc. Math can be fun for kids if parents and math helper provide the best learning environment.

Math is a subject which kids can learn while playing or with the help of games. Parents and math helper can relate the math with real life activities so that it would be a great help for kids to understand the basic concepts of maths. Kids can get many math fun game online. With the help of these fun game
students can learn math basic very easily.

We can not simply tell math is difficult for kids it's all depends on the math tutor how they explain it to kids.  Math is the subject where kids can play with the numbers. Representation also matters for kids, color and  shapes attract kids attention. Math tutor should explain math with  the colorful environment.

Math is all around us, use the coins, the school timing, buy the candies all required the calculation. If  kids want to learn cricket they can not learn it by reading the books or by watching a movie ,kids have the practice it daily by following all the rules of cricket similarly students can not learn math just by reading books they have to practice it almost daily.

In simple words math is fun for kids, but it's all depends on math tutors or parents how they introduce math  to kids. Kids should get the best learning environment for maths.

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Comment by John Marsh on February 27, 2014 at 7:17am

You guys are absolutely right, thanks for your feedback :)

Comment by Oscar Marin on February 26, 2014 at 8:17pm

Children hate doing mathematics as they lack attention and they avoid practicing things. Slowly the fear of learning piles up so much that they start getting away from this subject and the fear keeps on growing too big. Make sure kids do a regular study and practice math concepts in order to make them learn and not to have fear feeling for such a wonderful subject.

Comment by Diana Glover-Cole on February 21, 2014 at 3:45am

I agree with you that parents and educators need to make math more fun and engaging for students. More often than not students view math as a troublesome obstacle. I have always hated math, and I wish that someone would have taken the boring out of it and put some fun into it. I can remember my mother trying to help me learn fractions by baking and or cooking. She would create math problems for the amount of measures need for a specific ingredient. An example is, if I have 2 cups of flour, and the recipe calls for ¾ cups, how many cups do I need to take away? Or she would say I have ¼ of a cup of sugar but the recipe calls for 2 cups, how many cups do I need to add? I agree that students need to learn how to calculate, preferable without a calculator. Educators and parents also need to make learning math more interesting so it sticks in their brains, and they learn. 


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