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Why Don't Your Kids Do Their Homework?

Reason 1. The child does not understand the material

Failures in school, poor understanding of the classes can be a very frustrating for a child. Grief can be so great that the child decides not to do homework and fully "cooled down" to them. It is not a secret that for many parents it is easier to do the task instead of the child, rather than spend time and effort to explain the school material that the student does not understand. Adults received thereby make the situation even more difficult for a child. After all, if the teacher asks a question, it will become clear that the child does not understand a topic.
It will be better if the parents help the child to find the right solution, re-explaining the material. Do not make student's work instead of him! Develop your own tactics and behavior with students and follow it precisely. Be prepared to re-examine the program of high school to help your child correctly.

Reason 2. Fear of bad marks

The progress of child's school grades is the concern of every parent. Excessive control of the achievers often leads to the fear of the child of the bad marks. The student begins to fear of possible failure in school, try to write off the tasks of the standouts just to get a good mark.

Often parents frighten their children, that they will not be able to go to college and will operate the wipers. Think: have all the best students become successful people? Is it necessary to demand from the student "A" on each class? Instead of forcing the child to study, it is better to spend time and energy on the development of affairs and occupations that are really interesting for the child.

Reason 3. Deficit of attention from parents

Often, a student is trying to attract the attention of parents by the reluctance to do homework. This is because, in many families, parents talk with their children on a single theme - the lessons and learning. The child unknowingly gets used to the role of the student with a poor understanding of the material in order the parents talk with him a little longer.

In such cases, parents should agree with the child, that the simple task he will do only his own, without parents. Indeed, the parents will help with the complex tasks.

Reason 4. Dizzy with Success

Sometimes children for whom studying is easy, stop to do their homework. They believe that during the break they will have time to do writing assignments and during class will easily understand what to answer to the question of the teacher. The difficulties begin when the classes become more complicated. As a result, "dizzy with success" children who learned well in elementary school, beginning to learn worse in the middle school. The reason - the lack of work habits, belief that learning is always easy.

If the level of knowledge of the child is above average, if the study is too easy for him, if he is bored in class, it is necessary to discuss it with teachers. Ask the teacher to give to your child additional tasks, essays and presentations.

Reason 5. The desire to do other things

Some parents force their children to do the homework immediately after returning home from school. Hence, the reluctance of the child to do his homework - he can study all day long. Give him the opportunity to take a walk, make time for hobbies, games. Make a schedule, which is sure to allocate time to rest.

Try to understand the reason why your child refuses to do his homework. Eliminate the cause, create a favorable psychological environment at home, become more attentive to the child-student, and the problem with their homework will be gradually resolved.

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