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Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers

From rockets to stock markets, many of humanity's most thrilling creations are powered by math. So why do kids lose interest in it? Conrad Wolfram says the part of math we teach -- calculation by hand -- isn't just tedious, it's mostly irrelevant to real mathematics and the real world. He presents his radical idea: teaching kids math through computer programming.

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Comment by Ben Gerken on January 17, 2012 at 12:30pm

From a math teacher's perspective, some insightful thoughts.  I still think there is a balance between both "old school" mathematics and computer based calculation.  Wonder what his thoughts would be on state mandated testing?  To jump through the hoops in education, we still need to teach math calculations so our "School Grade Card" is not affected by students not passing the tests.  But, the real life application is not addressed in the standardized tests.

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