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I'm looking for feedback on a topic that I don't believe many schools do. Our district is moving to bring our cyber students, homeschoolers, etc. back into our schools by providing them with access to a cyber school in our buildings. The cyber school would be created within the district; therefore the district would receive that student's funding.


Our high school is currently doing it. Next year it will be moving to our middle and elementary schools.


Are there any schools, besides highschools, that follow this model? How has it worked? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Shawn.

I think the structure that you are describing, where non-traditional students physically attend traditional school buildings, is one that is gaining in popularity. This is the evolution of our educational structure that Christenson, Horn, and Johnson introduce in their book Disrupting Class.

I do not have any personal experience with this phenomenon, but I have read about many schools that function in this fashion, and I've read some encouraging reports of early results in a few different areas.

You might try searching for hybrid or blended schools. The Chicago Virtual Charter School, for example, has a building in downtown Chicago where virtual students are expected to learn part time. K12 Inc. provides their online curriculum, I believe, and has a good description of how the school works HERE.

If you visit that link it might help lead you to more information on the topic. iNACOL, an international online schooling association, also has some information on the topic too.

I believe you are correct, that there is not a lot of research available on the results, but I believe this model has great potential to personalize the education our students receive.

Good luck to you and your district with the new model!


Thanks for the links and book title Sandy. It is an amazing time in education right now.
I recently looked into this as an assignment for my Masters cohort. I found a school in Minnesota that you may want to check out - it is Cyber Village Academy and is sponsored by Minneapolis Public Schools. They have two types of programs - blended and fully online - for students grades 3-8. Hope this helps.
Thanks Stephanie- anything will help at this point. Our district wants to implement this for next year and needs to have a decsion by the end of March!
Hi Shawn and Stephanie.

I was reading an article earlier today and this topic was mentioned as a need for the future. Very interesting.

I think the momentum is picking up. Conversations are starting on the topic in our district as well. Modular education? Seems like the Concept fits, somehow. Good luck Shawn. I hope your district goes for it and makes it a HUGE success.




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