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This is not as much of a discussion as it is a listing of recommendations for Educational IPad  Applications.

Please name the application and additionally, offer a brief description, as well as an objective critique, if you can. This will give us a great source list. Indicate if there is a cost involved with the APP.


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TeacherCast is currently waiting for approval on our new iPad app.  It's going to be pretty amazing when it comes out.The TeacherCast App

I am currently working with AudioNote.  They have a lite version that is free, but the full version for 4.99.  I lecture in my class and students have to take notes.  this app allows them to type and record at the same time.  This may help a few of my students to not focus on getting everything written, but to focus on the discussion.  I am still using the lite, but the full version allows the notes to be streamed wifi  

Here is the running list of apps teachers at my building use:


Not every teacher uses every app but the list is updated based on what teachers use & recommend.

Since we are rolling out a BYOD environment, we're interested in apps which will simplify collaborative communication. Evernote is one example that is being adopted in Middle School. It will allow students to create text or audio notes, capture screen shots or video clips. The web version of Evernote updates all of the user's devices with the most recent versions of notes and data. 

GoodReader is another I recommend, although it costs $4.99. It's described as a killer app that allows you to annotate, embed notes, manage files, transfer files, sync files and more.

I love GoodReader, best money I've ever spent (it was actually only $2.99 when I got it).


Dropbox is a great way to view files created on the desktop and it integres nicely with GoodReader.


ShowMe is a very solid "screen-cast" type app

Some of the Apple Distinguished Educators in Mexico have put together an APPS directory, Appitic, that includes 1300+ apps. Better have some time to spend. I really like the Bloom's Taxonomy filter. 

Our students are using ScreenChomp to record their work. They are creating some pretty amazing stuff.

My favorite(s) of 2011 were 3 iPad whiteboard apps.

ShowMe (review)

ScreenChomp (review)

Educreations (review)

All three are working well but I think Educreations that just launched a week ago is the best so far. Great drawing, video and audio quality.

The Spellathon iPad app provides a free resource for teachers and their students to practice English spelling in the class room and at home in a fun and engaging way.

Spellathon is the biggest, best and most exciting global sponsored spelling competition ever. All Schools, Colleges and University Unions will receive 25% of the income fundraised by their students!

Stephen Fry ( is involved with Spellathon who has said: "This is just about the best integration of imagination, education, technology inclusiveness and fun that I've ever encountered"

Registration is open for all Schools, Colleges and Universities from around the world, to receive a personal invitation from Stephen Fry and a Free Digital Schools Pack that will contain the interactive whiteboard game, assembly video, pre-populated digital marketing materials and everything else they need to take part.

To view Spellathon online:



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