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Has anyone ever tried using interactive graphics or digital visual information in the classroom?

I'm playing around with the idea of using some interactive maps and data for part of a Social Studies unit, there are lots of great current event maps and data out there at places like and even the Huffington post does some data visualization stuff. I was just wondering if anybody else had ever done something like this and had found any good sites.

I also ran across this site when I was checking out the NewsShare section of this site: -- doesn't seem to have anything interactive, but there are definitely a lot of great educational posters and visualized data over there.  Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Not sure how old your students are or if they'd be into this, but has some great SS topics. Each topic includes an animated video (3 - 5 min), and interactive features to go with it. Here's a list of the SS topics:
Thanks Allisyn! I hadn't checked out BrainPop before, but it's a great site, and my kids loved it. I'll definitely use it again.
This may not be what you are looking for but here are a few sites for Social Studies...

Super cool...I mean SUPER COOL visualizations. Blends Google maps together with your questions. Sharable, animated maps. Excellent for historical journeys.

Hope that helps.

Larry Ferlazzo posts a lot of links to infographics, and if I'm not mistaken there are also several lesson plans and ideas about using the infographics in the classroom as well. Try searching his website: It's a gold mine of teaching resources and information!


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