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We've been hunting down topics to cover for future #edchat discussions! Please help us out by proposing questions you'd like to see investigated! We'll add them to the twtpoll! We can't do this without your help!

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My suggestion for an #edchat discussion:

Should innovative and successful teachers be rewarded and, if so, how?

Keep up the good work!

following up from a discussion which ran between myself and @defstef98 last week, I'd like to propose:

What gives you the right to be a teacher?

Let's get down to the nitty gritty!
How can we foster student input on improving/developing forward thinking instruction and learning?
How about subject-area specific resources for networking.

An example, the Pretty Good Physics Wiki at, is a great resource for Physics and Physical Science teachers.
I would love to hear about how schools are handling students on the web and if teachers are blocked from sites? We are blocked from so many useful websites and all social networking which goes against our state standards. It is hard to know what is safe for our students but I believe that is what should be taught and not blocked. What are your thoughts on this subject?
Tried to see if this had been covered, but couldn't tell. "How do we define Literacy in the 21st Century?"
As a followup to this article in the NY Times on cyberbullying in schools,

I suggest this question should be added to the #edchat poll:

What strategies can schools adopt to deal with cyberbullying?
I'd love to see an #edchat exploring if there is a conflict of interest between TFA and teacher's unions.
I am interested to hear people's opinion regarding metacognition - do they feel it is important, how may it be facilitated, is there room for it in the curriculum.

As such I suggest the #edhcat topic: Metacognition - how important is it and can it be facilitated with the use of new technologies?

I have two proposals for #edchat questions

1. I would like to see a question related to the use of specialists in elementary and middle schools. Saw a Facebook post from a colleague who teaches high school Language Arts - she was extremely frustrated at the quality of writing her students had put forth. Wondering if others have come across similar issues and how other districts go about addressing the lack of specialists at younger grades and the impact that invariably has on students.

2. I would also like to see a question related to note-taking strategies? What kind of strategies do people use to convey information. Too often I find giving students notes to copy down does not engage them, but other systems that I know of do not necessarily convey the same amount of information. Looking for a balance.
Ways of learning from kids and their uses in education
What does special education for students with moderate to intensive needs look like around the country?

Are private and charter schools held to the same standards (mandates) that public schools are when it comes to servicing a student with special needs?

What does a "good" IEP look like?


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