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Interested in polling what your current model is for "teaching technology." Does your school have set computer class taught by a computer teacher (as a regular prep for the homeroom teacher) or??????

Would love to hear from folks who have moved toward the flex schedule and how it has worked for your school.

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Interested mostly in hearing about Lower School (JK-5) level schools.

I am in a PreK-5 school and our computer lab is set, scheduled, prep periods for classroom teachers. I am the computer teacher (this year I see 1-5).

As the lab teacher I prefer this setup since I can plan ongoing lessons and projects. I am project based so my lessons/classes continue for weeks or months at a time. I rarely do one-off/one period lessons. If the schedule was felxible it would be hard for me to plan and execute quality lessons not knowing when, or how often, I'd be seeing classes.

My opinion is that if the lab is going to be used in a flexible schedule situation the classroom teacher should stay with the class and the lab teacher would be there to facilitate. That way the lab time can be more tightly aligned to the classroom work and the lab teacher wouldn't be responsible for random lessons and projects.

I think it would be unfair to the lab teacher to drop classes on them with no regularity and expect them to offer quality instruction that builds from one lesson to the next. Having the classroom teacher in the lab would help to ensure the students get the most out of the flexible schedule period(s).

Just my .02, hope it makes sense

It certainly does. My vision is that the homeroom teacher would reserve the lab and/or the technology teacher when each are needed. The flex schedule would give the opp for the classroom teacher to work in the lab time when it fits what is going on in the class. If they want to do a tech project/activity as part of a math lesson or social studies, the teacher should be able to schedule whatever they need to achieve that educational goal. The time they are assigned to be in the lab may/may not suit that need.


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