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What technology you integrate in class and why? You can mention as many technology you use.

Thank you.


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I'm trying to be edtech-savvy teacher, that's why I use many tools to engage students into studying process. 

I'd be glad to share my favorite ones with you:

  •  Prezi - to create wonderful presentations
  •  Quizlet - tool for quizes, tests and tasks creation
  •  ePals - allows integration from class to class, student to student and group to group
  •  ReadWriteThink - the name speaks for itself :-)
  •  Unplag - online plagiarism checker. They recently released Moodle plugin so now we use it as a part of our school LMS
  •  Padlet - for student-teacher collaboration

These are main tools I highly recommend to other teachers. Enjoy the education process! :-) 

I personally do not have my own classroom yet, however I see so much use of the iPad! I love it and I think it keeps students engaged!

Teachers, we need to move from the established techniques of teaching to new methods where technology is racially balanced into the classroom. 

9 Pencils - Teachers to discover share & manage educational content with students. A teacher can create quizzes, websites, track students, & more.

Animoto - Create wonderful looking slideshows that include video, images, music, & more.

Aviary Education - online tools for - audio, video, & image editing.

Class tell - A nice site for teachers to create an educational site.

Diigo - Social bookmarking for teachers where they can create free student accounts.

SpellingCity - One of the best sites around for teaching and learning Spelling & Vocabulary.

Kid blog - A fantastic way to create a safe environment for students to blog in. Everything is controlled by the teacher as a moderator.

Presentation Tube - A nice app for creating presentations out of PowerPoint slides.


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