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Use this discussion forum to give us a link to your blog and what the main focus of your blog is. You can also add what you teach and where you teach so others who share a common role can connect with you!

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We blog at and we talk about Mobile Learning. We try and mix things up by talking about Mobile Learning events and industry news as well as case studies. Lately, we have also included Mobile Learning Cartoons that are posted during weekends :) Check them out here
Hope you enjoy our blog,
I am a literacy/numeracy lecturer in the public Vocational Education and Training sector in rural Western Australia. At the moment I am teaching completely online using a blend of virtual classroom (Elluminate) and LMS (CE6) with other Web2.0 components to meet individual student needs.

I facilitate regular webinars, both unconference sessions (Serendipity) and Fine Focus (anything "E" related and of interest to educators) in the Edublogs/Elluminate community partnership room every Thursday/Friday depending on your timezone.

My blog E-verything has that name because my interests are varied and I didn't want to try and handle more than one blog! I often post about Elluminate use (interactivity, tools, tips etc) but for the last year I have posted regular overviews with recording links of the weekly webinars that I host.
Great site. I wish I had seen it sooner so I could have been part of the workshop. I whole hearty agree with you that it is the educators use of tech in the classroom with and for the students that is important. It is great to have knowledge but knowledge not shared or passed on is a waste.

Blog site at

I have been teaching for 28 years and I have been using technology in my classroom since 1988. In that time I have acquired some experience (good and bad) with its use, most of which I have learned on my own. The last few years, I began to seek the experience of others educators and leaders who in turned through their blog sites have helped me development my own PLN. I hope to “pay it forward” with my blog site as I address many different topics ranging from education, tech.products, applications, links and the use of technology in the classroom with a little humor on the side. My primary purpose however will be to provide a record of my own use of technology in the classroom, a sort of personal accountability. "Walking the walk and talking the talk."

Orlando Falvo
AP World, AP European and Pre/IB World History
Wm. T. Dwyer High School
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
I've been trying to get my blog off the ground here so hopefully this will help! My blog is about using technology in Middle School Classrooms. I focus on ipad usage, computers and literacy.
Check it out:
I blog at main focus is student-created video projects, but I also post other topics. Some of these have included my PD presentations for my teachers, going paperless, and show notes to my podcast.
I work in learning technologies (IT) at the University of Brighton.

I blog at

I write about work (Blackboard, Elgg) as well as Social Media and general technology in UK HE. Games-based learning approaches and engagement are my research interests.
My name is Jurgen Combs; I taught social studies, became a counselor and administrator and am now a college professor. My blog, at deals with issues in education that interest me - technology, reform, etc.
Hi -

I am a high school music teacher in northeastern MA. I also happen to be the Arts Program Coordinator, and President of my teachers association. Makes for a busy - and interesting - life.

I blog at

My blog mostly explores research findings from neuroscience and cognition to identify implications and applications for teaching. It is found at
I blog at It's all about web 2.0, social media and technology integration. Enjoy.



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