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Sarason, S. B. (1990). The predictable failure of educational reform: Can we change course before it's too late? San Francisco, Jossey-Bass.

In retrospect, Sarason's exploration of the issues confronting the reform efforts of the late 1980s and early 1990s appear prescient. While his book was originally for those whose roles would affect reform--the community of educators, legislators, policy makers, foundations, business leaders, and parents--it now serves as a thoughtful reminder of why his points were and remain important. To that end, substantive chapter discussions and illustrative examples examine the present educational system regarding the areas of change, power relationships, cooperative learning, imitation, replication, intractability, and goals. When he "challenges schools and communities to look at education in a whole new light," and says that "the biggest risk in education is not taking one" he could just as easily be speaking to current day reformers. Same with his tasking of educators to understand that to continue to struggle for 'power over' rather than 'power with' ignores the mutual interest of all parties that will stifle any real progress in education reform.

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