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Has anyone used a wiki for a book study?  I'm looking to do some online staff development this summer with my teachers and would like to get some ideas and see some examples before I venture out.

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I haven't done any online book studies before, just "live" ones but if you are looking for any volunteers I'd like to sign up. I'm not sure a wiki is the best choice only because sometimes they aren't very organized and I personally don't think they are very visually appealing. I just a bookmarked this site: today, though I haven't had time to look it over, but something like this might be better?
Thanks Kelly. I will have to check out your link. I'm planning on using a video too. But, it's my own personal video and I'm thinking the wiki has to be locked. I'm talking to my district and I don't know if they will approve it. :-(
There are some private sites other than wiki's you might look at too like edmodo or or even As far as wiki's go I like google sites for it's simple layout, and you password protect all of these.
Yes, I have done a couple through ISTE. They are great meeting places, full of discussion, and enable reflection time. Highly recommend it.
I actually just started one with my class this past month. The kids really enjoyed it and want to do another one. You can see it at

I also just started a teacher resources page too -
I have just joined a book study using a Wiki. I'm looking forward to the discussion, reflection and learning from others. We get started the first week in May.
Let me know how it goes for you! If I could take a look at the setup/format, I would love to take a peek! ;-)
The format is still in the introductions phase. You're welcome to take a look, though.
I appreciate all the helpful hints and links!
I did create an online wiki book study. The district approved it for PD that's good. I'm going to try this as a first run and see how it goes.

I chose this older book because there isn't much offered by the district in leadership development. I hope to do more later.

What do you think? Anyway I can make it better?
I just took a look and it looks good! I see you're going to use it for district pd. Hadn't thought about that-good idea. I posted a reply a while ago that said I was part of a wiki book study using Drive by Daniel Pink. I really liked it and so I set one up for our district leadership team for our summer reading. I just got it done. Here's the link--feedback?
This looks good Laura - do the staff know how to use the Discussion tab? Maybe an intro on how to add their thoughts would be good. As well, I see that you still have ads on the side - these can be removed by going to the Manage Wiki - Subscription - scroll to the bottom and Request a complimentary upgrade. All educational wikis can have those ads removed for free.


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