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I'm curious as to whether or not any of your districts/schools are using these devices and, if so, how? Are they strictly being used like mobile computer labs, or are students allowed to take them home? Does your AUP reflect the implementation of these devices and, if so, how?

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!



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At the current time, our district does not have any purchased for student or teacher use. What are the thoughts in comparing the different options and the effectiveness? Would I-Pads be better than the Nook or Kindle? Does an Android version have a chance to make it a goes as well?


My interest is there as well as to what tool will best help student and teacher learning.

Some of the schools in the district have purchased i-pads for student use.  They are being used in classrooms and enhance the engagement of individuals and groups -

In our school, we are exploring their use with kids with Autism.  Some of the kids are using them for communication, but not extensively.  The visuals really captivate and engage them, and they have the ability to be more independent with them than with more traditional materials.  I guess, no surprise there -


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