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My school district allows teachers to select from three options for their annual evaluation.  One option is a collaborative walkthrough model in which the supervisor and teacher discuss teaching behaviors and actions to concentrate their attention on during the brief classroom visits.  The total number of class visits can exceed ten. 

Here is my question - Are there any software options that anyone uses to organize the observation data and comments during their walkthroughs?  I recently found  Does anyone use this?  If not, please check out the 2 minute video.  I would appreciate your comments.



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Just checked out the Rypple video.  It looks like it would be very good for what you're describing, but I wonder if it just adds another layer of techno-glitz to keep up with.  I always find it time consuming to input the face-to-face discussions that are an important part of the process.

Beth, thanks for your ideas.  I have wondered the same thing.  I do not have a smart phone at this time and the prospect of adding one more thing to chain me to my desk, when I should be with kids and teachers, is not exciting.  However, I am thinking that the benefit to the teacher might outweigh my discomfort, especially if the teacher can also compile data from colleagues in a peer review arrangement.  I might give it a test run with a teacher or two so that I can see how intrusive this application might be.  I can see how I could use an iphone to input the data and comments when I leave the classroom and make the process easier on a large-scale effort.  I'll post again next week after I try it out.

Thanks again.

I'll be curious to see how it works for you.  I'm just on the verge of making the leap to an iPad or other tablet, 'cause even though I love my touch screen smart phone (also has a keyboard), it's still too small to type more than a few words on comfortably.

Our district is planning on implementing an I-Pad walkthrough system for next year. There are already a few schools in our area that use them to track walkthrough data. The link below is the best I could find at the current time for sample information. We've had several demonstrations, but I can't find the specific document online anywhere to show. The idea though is to take a hard copy version and make it digital so that information can be tracked for your building.


The glitch is that you'd have to have an ipad/tablet/iphone in order to be effective with the online aspect and also have the wireless capabilities.


This link shows the agenda from a principal's council meeting, but the I-Pad walkthrough information is about halfway down the agenda.


Hope this helps and look forward to sharing more once our district gets this started.


Thanks for your ideas and the link.  I checked out the agenda items you referenced.  I wonder, once finished, how flexible the programmed walkthrough document will be.  Will it be easily changeable over time? I would imagine that your programmer could make any modifications that you request.  I also noticed the requirements to include the district logo and professional development for administrators.  Are these characteristics part of a collective bargianing arrangement with your teachers?  Will changes to the finished document also be subject to collective bargaining?  I honestly can not remember if you have teachers unions and collective bargaining legislation in Kansas.  The issue of flexibility is on my mind given all of the calls for the development of flexible thinking from various 21st Century skills advocacy groups.  I'm also thinking of cost.  Rypple appears, at this time, to be free.  The figures in your MOU were not outlandish, certainly, but every dollar must count these days - especially if they are not going to directly benefit kids.  If Rypple isn't the answer, then I can walk away without any penalty. 


Check back with me in a few weeks.  I'll post how my experiment with Rypple is going.  Thanks again for your ideas and help.


Best Wishes,


We began using a "non-evaluatory" walkthrough model last year and have implemented it more consistently this year. We use iPads with a web-based program called Eduphoria. As an administrative team, we created a walkthrough template based on our district's strategic plan. We are expected to visit classrooms for at least two hours each day.

It has been an interesting process to be a part of, to say the least. Of course the teachers do not view it as "non-evaluatory," and I certainly don't blame them. And as an administrator, it is extremely difficult to set aside 2 hours to do the walkthroughs. I have come to see the value in the process, however. For example, it has made my visits to content collaborations more meaningful as I am able to reference specific instructional strategies used in the classroom.

Recently, I have used my laptop more often to conduct walkthroughs than the ipad. Logistically, I find it to be easier to type, and I am able to open a second window when I want to follow along on online collaborative work students may be doing. That's just my personal preference though.

I hope this helps!


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