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First off let me tip my hat to all the wonderful moderators on #edchat. You donate tireless hours to the PLN, and you should be commended.

I wanted to start a discussion on the voting format. I wonder if a two week voting cycle would serve the PLN better. So a vote on this Monday would be for a discussion the following Tuesday. I feel this approach has several advantages.

I feel a change in the voting would add depth the conversation. We are all a passionate group of educators who believe in the need for reform and think technology can play an integral role in systemic change. I think this passion and commonality can sometimes hold the #edchat discussions back. The #edchats can often take on an evangelical tone and many weeks the discussions overlap. Having an extra week would allow people to gather their thoughts ahead of time. Members of the PLN, for example, would be able to post pre-game blog posts. Others may just spend the week reflecting on the topic.

I also feel that moving to a two week voting cycle would allows us to extend our learning. Often times I see topics (sometimes I participate) and would love to look for relevant articles or research. I know must of us are too busy for a required reading list, but it would be nice if folks had the option to post a few readings to build background knowledge. Having an extra week would allow us to gather relevant posts and articles on our RSS fields.

Tell me what you think.

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Hello Greg,

Interesting points and suggestions! Let's see what #edchat organisers think about it. I've found it difficult to join many times but luckily, I've been able to read the discussion later. As you say, many times there's no time to reflect on the points gathered.
#Edchat was not planned out and analyzed as much as people give it credit for. It has evolved and adjusted over a period of time.The role of the #Edchat discussion has become more of an introduction of an educational topic than an in depth analysis. The Twitter platform limits in depth discussions. Once people have the topic, they can question and respond in 140 characters. This frames the topic and offers a sense of what many people think. This lays out the topic for a more in depth discussion through blog posts and related links over a period of time after the #Edchat discussion.If change is to occur in education it will require a much larger discussion than the Twitter platform can offer. #Edchat is the thermometer taking the temperature to help guide us to the cure or at least a plan to get there.
Thanks for your comments. We consider all options as we discuss #Edchat with ongoing reflections of where it is going and how effective it is in the big picture.
Hey Tom,

Thanks for the reply. I also loved the conversation we had last week it was pretty in depth. It was just an idea. I have loved to watch #edchat evolve and I am a recent newbie. I am getting better at being in depth in 140 characters.

Good metaphor with the thermometer. I just wonder if extra time would give us a chance to look at all the symptoms and consider all of the healing options.

Thanks for all you do. Talk to you on Tuesday.

All of your points are valid and you make a strong argument. For me, the quick turnaround on results to discussion causes me to think about the topic and comment while the ideas are fresh. Further time for research would help participants build an argument, but I personally love the spontenaity that comes from the discussions each week and feel that the it may seem more "forced" if we are given a week to prepare. If the current format is maintained, maybe we need to set up a site for follow-up and in-depth discussion and as a place to house the research links.


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