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Do away with the misconceptions on online MBA

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A tangible convenience associated with online education makes people jump for the more career-oriented courses studying online. The most flourished and popular among the online courses are online business studies, for which online business schools are emerging as tremendously important units of mass education. The popularity of online business studies becomes apparent from the growing craze for online MBA.

But, whilst online MBA is getting enormous public reliance worldwide, there are still some myths coherently running with it. Online learning can be a fantastic mode of self-paced education where the learners enjoy the ease of formatting their own study routine, but cynical ideas with the learning lead everything into a total trash. So, we need to verify the basis of many such misconceptions still predominant in public mind, and try to find out the actual facts.

  • Doubt over Accreditation  

There is a myth that online MBAs are all without any accreditation. The fact is, however, somewhat different from the statement. Like any on-campus qualification online courses too are validated by proper accreditation. Therefore, online MBAs can be accredited as well as unaccredited, the factors which determine its feasibility. It is entirely your own responsibility how you survey about the course on the matter of accreditation.

  • Misconception about Eligibility

Another misconception is that one must have a bachelor’s degree to get enrolled in an MBA degree. It is also a partial conception, because apart from having any bachelor’s degree as the eligibility criterion for admission in an online MBA course, candidates can make their way through the postgraduate business management diplomas to online MBA programmes.

  • Online MBAs are Only for Experienced Candidates

One of the many other false conceptions about online MBA one is that it is only meant for the candidates who have sufficient work experience. This is not at all correct. Online MBA is a kind of flexible design for eminent business studies that is suitable both for fresh students as well as working professionals. Instead, online MBA itself creates considerable opportunities for generating on-hands industrial experience both through its flexible learning model and project-based curriculum.

  • No Interactions between Students and Professors

Online education is covering so vast a sphere of necessities with technological back up that is just beyond common imagination. Online education technologies like virtual classrooms, video conferencing etc are not only the tools for professors delivering the content and students sitting in front of their computer screen like dumb audience. Much more than this, these devices are superbly effective to bring both professors and students, physically distant from one another, to collectively participate live discussions. Online tools make the possibility even bigger, where expert professors all around the world can be contacted to help learning more enriching through these online devices. On-campus degrees cannot even think of such degree of portability.

  • Employers do not Value Online MBA Graduates

This is equally a wrong conception. Employers need efficient employees having good amount of experiences and valid qualifications. So long one’s online MBA has proper accreditation no employers at any corner of the world can have any problem in hiring such candidate.

  • Credits Earned through the Online Degree is Non-Transferable

Just like any campus-based degree where transference of credits is a relative process, online credits too are subject to transfer if the credits have relevant scope to do so.

  • Online MBAs are Inferior than the On-campus Ones

On the contrary, the effectiveness of a potential MBA course and its curriculum is far above the standard of the campus-based MBAs. Moreover, the level of dedication and self-motivation online MBA students require make them more involved, and thereby their learning more efficient.

  • Reputed Universities do not Offer Online MBAs

This can be the most ridiculous statement, devised by the campus-based institutions. World’s greatest universities are constantly designing their numerous business management courses among which most prestigious MBAs are pursued by a huge number of students across the world.

  • Online MBAs are Quite Costly

Online MBAs are actually a great savings of one’s resources. With just a fraction of amount that one needs to invest for any on-campus MBA degree programme one gets his degree on hand. Online business school basically provides one’s true value for money. One saves on costly tuition fees, costly books as well as living cost in an expensive place.

Online MBAs are, quite naturally, becoming unbelievably popular with time. Everybody can see the real fact associated with online mode for business studies. When the whole world is turning towards the online education for many level of expert learning, online MBAs were not to exclude from this wave. Really, the mass reliance on the reputed online MBA programmes shows the effectiveness of online MBAs.

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